The little 200 square feet of shed is DONE. As my normal, until it was done did I appreciate how much room I gained. I just couldn’t see it until then.

The very last photo on the lower right, is of my friend Cheri.  She was helping me put together my big floor loom. We had to make 3 trips to the main storage unit to find all the pieces. Why can’t movers put this stuff together on one pallet? Oh no, it can’t be that simple.  But I am beyond delighted to find that both of my looms have found a new location to call home. I have been working non-stop unloading the big storage unit and bringing the stuff to the shed.  Once inside, its a major re-organization in process. The bulk is my yarns and the equipment for this, but I must have a place for my RV stuff too.

I know, I know, I should have painted the inside walls before I moved in. The dry wall needs to be painted. I was just too excited about moving in that I put that off. Well, everyone that’s been inside – “Melinda, why haven’t your painted?”  So it shall be, but not until I’ve finished loading and reorganizing…probably in August. The responses though of those seeing my shed, or as some have said my weaving cottage.. is WOW!   I put down a cork flooring, which gives a nice ‘give-like’ feeling. Its far better than cold hard cement. I sealed the cement floor before laying the cork, so no moisture will work up thru the cement.  Insulated walls are primo, as I discovered on a few of our hot days here.  It was delightfully cool in there.

The last thing painted on the exterior, was the door.  The color is called “prague blue”, but depending on the light of the day is may appear as dark blue, spruce green or even as black.  Very interesting color.  I had no say on what the color of the shed could be painted, unfortunately. It is what it is. And I’ve added a screen door.

So having this wonderful weaving studio once again will be like going on vacation from my road trips. As I’m not done traveling. George, my builder, also built me a desk inside my Lazy Daze. In the area in which my small floor loom had resided, is now a wonderful desk. Am loving the new space, so am re-organzing some of the cabinets inside my rig. That will always be a work in process.

So will continue working inside the shed, so I plan to get both looms dressed before I hit the road. The big Fireside loom will get my Horoscope Weaving project – there are 12 colors and combinations that relate to my own personal horoscope. More details as I work on that one. And the small floor loom (my Baby Wolf) will get some kitchen towels. Instead of trying to figure out colors for that, I am going to do black and white towels in shadow weave – gives them a 3D affect.  Soon, will get started on both. Yippee!!!

Ah summer flux

The Boys

Summer is still showing itself, but we are starting to get a bit of variety on the temps. From the scalding 90+ temps to chilly 52ºF morning. Quite a swing in temps. But what a relief too.

More dance classes are scheduled after Coho Days. Starting will be Cha-Cha, Rumba and Salsa classes. So that will fill those Fridays, that’s for sure.  I was actually surprised everyone wanted to continue the dances into August. In a very transit place, many start heading South after Coho Days. But we will take what we can get, I think.

In the midst of all this, I am dealing with my medical boards, regular doctor appointment, getting base plate on my car. The baseplate was suppose to go on today, but when I got over there, they decided they needed two days vs one to do this plus the wiring. I absolutely lucked out on a deal on getting a tow package from a local fella. The RV place checked it out today, said its in excellent condition. I got a steal!  The package I bought for $200 included the tow bar, all the cables, Guardian Shield, even a Brake Master. Altho the latter needs to be replaced, a huge savings for me.

In addition to all of the above… I made reservations, something I don’t normally do, but I will be damned if I will back out with some excuse this time. I’m heading to the beach.  I can’t wait!  But its later on this month, so need to bide my time.

Just a quickie note.

Summer stretches

Ah what a busy summer… dances continues, music keeps flowing and I don’t have much to talk about. That’s odd.  Well, let me think about this for a second… I’ve been doing alot of online searching for towing options. Yes, I’ve decided to tow my car when I leave this Fall. Have quizzed many of the folks here at the park as well. So to start, I ordered a baseplate for my car. It is occupying space in my car until next week, when I get it installed, as its too heavy for me to get in or out of the car. The rest will fall into place soon.

While doing all that research, I re-started dabbling in genealogy once again. Its been awhile since I did that.. find it just as addicting as before.

The VA process is active now. Am awaiting the actual appointment for the medical boards. Got the letter, just need the phone call and I will be heading in – hoping its not in Seattle, but on this side of the pond.  In the meantime, I am following up on consults for a variety of things that need to be checked. Getting it all done, so I will be free to go this Fall. Yippee!!

Let’s see… oh, I have finally decided to rip up the carpet in the rear of my rig and put down new carpet vs putting down laminate. Carpet is a better insulator and these floors get cold in the winter. Got some excellent tips on quality sources in this region. So will be acting on that soon.  Am thinking of taking my loom out of the rig and making a work station instead. Not absolutely positive on this yet, but am leaning toward it.

So the summer is flying by me right now. Probably a good thing, but I wish I could escape to some remote location to hibernate, regroup.  Oh but it will happen, just not as soon as I would like.  Best get all this done now, so I can go play.

Coho Days, here at Evergreen Coho SKP park, starts the 1st and will last for one week. Tons of activities, raffles, crafts, parades, feasts, you name it and its happening. Plus live music coming in a week from Saturday.  This place is hopping and its booked solid. This is my first time being here for it.  Normally, I’m still in Alaska this time of the year.  So it should be fun.

Close up of stained glass fishes

Close up of stained glass fishes

Wanted to show the fishes in the above photo. A friend of mine, worked all winter making the stained glass fishes in her shed here at Evergreen Coho. They are now laid into her patio. Its a large oval with a center grey tiles for a table to sit.  Very creative. The flowing line is a copper strip.  Nice job Sheri!

Summer Hots!

I say Summer Hots, as this summer has been the rage in music, dancing, soaring temperatures and a whole new world of friends.  Love, love the unexpected perks that life throws my way.  It is never boring, can be very distracting, but it is alive in wonder of it all.


Pete & Brad


Pole Marina

My 6 week class on East Coast Swing was finished at the end of June. What a hoot!  With that, had the grand opportunity to take a workshop with Ari Levitt, a pro dancer out of Seattle, to fine tune all the moves, plus learn several advance moves. Danced for 3 hours solid that night and my feet were screaming – as my mind said: I have got to get new dance shoes!!!  So I limped out of the workshop, not complaining my feet hurt, just delighted to have taken the workshop. Wow, what an education!  And for those that did not realize people wear special dance shoes… there are, but you can get by with duck tape on comfortable shoes as well. I foolishly bought cheap dance shoes on Amazon… they barely lasted the 6 weeks. All a learning experience.

Music galore in Port Townsend, Sequim, Port Angeles, even in Seattle if one wanted to take a boat ride. Port Townsend is overflowing with enough music to keep me happy for a long time. You find music just about anywhere… as I listened to a man playing a cello put on a concert from a park bench one day.  He got some money from me. But there’s the fiddlers, banjos, guitars, etc. all playing what they do best. Then theirs the Concerts on the Dock – wow!  Or Fiddle Tunes at Fort Worden. All kinds of music in the various bars too. And via new friends, I have made contact with a local group that is giving us two free gigs to play at Evergreen Coho SKP, the first one is next Friday, July 17th. This first one they are playing bluegrass and some old time music.  Can’t wait to hear them.

Last night, was the first of 3 dance classes here at Evergreen Coho SKP on East Coast Swing. Taught by Jeff and Carol. We had a great turnout, lots and lots of laughter, all learned they did not have two left feet and could dance. Truly was a special evening by all that attended.  There’s a request for Jeff and Carol to come back to teach Country 2 step… we are going to get a sample of this after our Swing classes, leading up to Coho Days. We are having Buck Ellard for Coho Days… so everyone wants to be ready. Then in August, after Coho Days, they may give us more classes.

Temperatures in Western Washington have been blistering hot. 90ºF or higher is too damn hot for my cats in the RV. So have been forced to figure out my A/C.  I have pretty much converted it into winter mode of dress with the a/c and fan (to blow cold to rear of rig) on. Its dark in here. And my boys do NOT like a/c. In fact, since I got my a/c to cycle on and off, Norm (orange tabby) howls of major discontent. But what am I to do? Let them roast?  Today, clouds moved in and cooled things down, but we are not to the hot part of their summer yet.  Just thankful we have a break from the heat.  So all the Reflectix came down off the windows, opened them up and let the sound of raindrops sooth their souls.  And life goes on.

Just being cute

Are you staying home for a change???

Its hot!

Its hot! Norm is telling me!


Playing cello


Beautiful kayak coming in!

Stretch of North Beach


People flying kites at North Beach

June, uh?

Variety of boat/ships

June is flying by… so very busy.  The hard work on the Documents committee finally finished. The contents of which will find its way into the hands of the leaseholders at the end of this month. A massive mailing (well over 10,000 pages copied) full of amendments, bylaws, standing rules, etc. all to be voted on in August.

When the dust was settling on that job, I managed to line up, schedule and set in place the Swing dance classes here at Evergreen Coho RV park in July.  Had a wonderful round of interest for this, so that will be a huge hit.  Then I learned a couple here in the park follow certain bands.  Thru them I am trying to get live music into the park.  Nothing like taking on a whole new subject matter. So am working thru those details, when I got a few more tips on other bands.  Trying to get a feel for who might still be in the very mobile clientele in this park before moving on for the winter, adds an element to the challenge. So am tentatively trying to get a band in here in August, maybe September, stop for the winter, then line up ones for next year.  Meeting some great musicians in the process.

In the meantime, I am finally getting the medical aspects started. An annual physical over due. So am getting all the humdrum boring stuff done, mammo, labs, physical, and even added getting a mole off my face removed. I am rather impressed how the VA handles things… while still in with the doc, things were being scheduled and I was being notified on when… shockingly fast. There are still some issues, not so surprising either, that the VA does and/or doesn’t do, that prompted me to make another appointment with a doctor outside the VA to do Preventive/Functional Medicine.  So all in all, it is a huge start in getting straighten away on the health. One needs to stay healthy when traveling full-time.

I have taken a few days, off and on, to hibernate. Hibernate right in my rig, making it look like I wasn’t home. Ah quiet for a bit. Think the cats were happy to see me too.  I still plan to head out of here for a few days, go get on the road, I miss that. Not yet sure where, but will be remote quiet spot…. somewhere. It soothes my soul just thinking about it.

Finally found my hiking boots, that I had bought up in Haines before I left. Hate when I lose things in my rig… Its one thing to lose a hair brush, but to lose a pair of hiking boots is just plain nuts. But am pretty good at it, that is in losing things. Laughing here.  I ordered something from Amazon… Adult Coloring Book… now if I can just find my color pencils….

So for my weaving friends… and more importantly John & Linda, who will receive the towels I’m making, it is slow, but is indeed being worked on now. I’m calling them my chili peppers towels. John & Linda picked the colors – what a challenge to pick the structure for them. They picked 6 colors, I should have insisted on 7 or 5 colors… odd numbers are so much better, but I don’t poop out on challenges… so it is a good brain tease to make this good.

Tonight is my last night of East Coast Swing classes. Its been a blast!!! Starting July 1st, I have an opportunity to take Salsa and Zydeco dance classes too.  Most likely will add them.  And as if I’m not busy enough… I am starting to workout in the gym with a trainer. This body needs some fine tuning. What better opportunity then now to work on it. So I’m going for it.

And lastly, I’ve stumbled upon a kindred spirit on multi-levels. We have had some long, long conversations. It is a simple delight to listen…to let intelligence flow where it may go and enjoy the ride.

Foot in mouth disease


Blooming flowers along side Clubhouse

Didn’t your Momma teach you to say NO!!! Laughing here, as I volunteer once again.

The Documents committee has been so very time consuming, enveloping, fascinating, challenging.  Last Friday, we presented all our work to the Board of Evergreen Coho RV Park. We started at 9 am, took a hour lunch break and finished up at 3:30 pm.  I was shocked we were there that long! It felt like a couple of hours.  All had been received with rave reviews – can’t say I’ve ever seen anything as positive as that on bylaws, standing rules, etc.  So yes, the team got a well reserved round of applause.  Now to fine-tune/add updates from meeting and get it sent out to the leaseholders of this park. In August, it will be voted on by the leaseholders at the annual Board meeting. Whew!

So in all this work, I started getting approached by all kinds of people, some whom I had not met before but knew their faces, others in random gatherings. Then I learned I was not the only one being approached.  They are seeking 3 new board members. Again, I am surprised they wanted me on the board… so went seeking info (pros, cons, whys, etc.) from a variety of people. Some who tried to talk me out of it, to others who begged me to get on – what’s this all about? I don’t know.  But the more I listened, the more I realized the majority are as jazzed by the happenings within this park as I.  Its very positive, if not downright exciting. So.. I submitted my application on Monday morning.  A bit of insanity…

Take me away now… please.

Not so fast girly… way back in March 2015, I mentioned a possibility of getting some dances started in the clubhouse. Weeks went by, nary a word and the fella who gave me this tip, was never found back in the park. That is until Saturday night. Shock to see him. Found out my phone number is still in his back pocket of his coveralls, his ex did not know about our conversation. Well, lo and behold, Sunday, I got to meet her. She has graciously offered to give 4 dance classes and one final dance after classes here in the clubhouse. They could teach anything, but we settled on Swing dancing.  So guess what I’m doing… yes, I’m coordinating this whole thing.  Right now, have a survey/poll out to see who is interested.  Final tally is not until Friday, but there’s now, no doubt, it will happen. Wow!

So any treatment for Foot and Mouth Disease?  Oh I know, its called hit the road… soon… yes soon.