Play time

Small female llama

Found a few more pictures from my trek to Palmer, this is the only one worth posting. This is one of two llamas at my friends house, where I parked over the 4th of July weekend.

Onward.. getting back to Haines… soggy mess day upon day of rains, finally broke. Although clouds creep in over the mountains across from us, we had sunshine here…going on 3 days now. Fabulous!

Two days shy of the lowest tide they had, but its darn low here

A different view of same low tide

The once a week “….dam” ship that arrives in Haines, this one was the Statedam ship. It came in on this low, low tide.  It is one deep port. It left on the high tide.  When these cruise ships arrive in the coastal towns – its instant ants, ere people, everywhere. Laughing here.  Curious, but very nice folks generally. They spend all day in Haines… going shopping, fishing, sightseeing.  Haines only gets one cruise ship a week and once a month – two come in on one of the weeks, but not same day. Compared to Skagway that gets 4-5 cruise ships a day plus the ferry… Haines has it easy.  Haines ferry terminal is not at the same pier, so no conflict. I like meeting the variety of people that comes off the ship and people watching can glue me to a park bench like no other when the ships come in. Fascinating subjects.

High, high tide, same shot as the one above.
The tent on the right, is where we have a crab feast weekly, fresh from the sea!

Well with the sun out, its worthy of one’s time to go play. Right?  Well, in between chores, such as laundry, I’ve been hanging with my friend Cheri. I loaned her my new e-spinner to try it out. She’s hooked on this and is now biding her time until she can get one herself.  Its been a long while since I have spun yarn.. decided not to tackle my favorite, which is silk, but to work on different wool blends. Such as Merino/silk. Nice stuff!  Found I have not lost my touch… so will see what I have in my stash to work on when I hit the road again.

My other set of friends here George & Joan – introduced me to the American Legion for Friday night hamburger night. Must say its the best hamburger I have had in a long time… The town folk come each Friday, to meet up with friends, etc.  The Legion stepped up to the plate when the Elks Club folded in 2013.  I so wish the Elk’s Club still existed in Haines… apparently, I’m not the only one, but it is what it is.

And my stuff in storage is ok.  The mold found on the wheelchair and walker, is on plastic of all things, not on the metal.  A little Clorox will stop that.

In addition to being with friends, visiting Mountain Market, spinning, I’ve unloaded my loom and have once again started threading the loom.  Its not a big push, but it would be smart of me to get this threading done before I hit the heat in Washington State. But its nice outside!!! I want to go play…

Today tho… I went shopping. I finally found a pair of trekking poles that work for me.  I will be trying them out sometime this week… Do I need gloves? Will find out.  Cheri wants to take me to Battery Point. Its across the bay from my rig, but I have never been there. So this will be fun.

One other thing – earthquakes are interesting in a parked RV.  You swear you are driving down the road.  The one that hit at 3:50 am the other day was a 5.0.  Rocked me right awake, as well as the cats. Its my first in a RV!

One of my latest pastimes – I find myself out at the picnic table in the evening looking for water spouts (whales), harbor seals and watching the eagles soar overhead and meeting my neighbors.  Its a great time!  

Changing venues

The last posting said I would be out of here on the 8th, well… now I’m moving over to my friend’s driveway on Wednesday, that is tomorrow morning.

You see, my friend Bev and I were going to have a girl’s day out playing – but the car to do it in, fell out of the option bank. The next chance was the day I was to move within the park, then she is gone on a trip. So I’m moving over tomorrow.  It will be nice… to share a cup of tea whenever we want.  So a last few pictures of the ships and such.  One comment, it actually rained here – the first time since I’ve been here. All those big fronts fell apart before it got here this past month. Interesting place, weather wise.

Tug and Coast Guard Cutter

Chemical or oil ship

And the black cotton is beamed on.  Need to find some yard sticks, which will allow me to uniformly transfer all sections at one time, so I can start the next step.  Miss my own lease sticks and such – somewhere in storage still…

Each section is done and secure

A pillowcase cover

The need for a cover over my yarns is mainly to keep the sun from damaging the yarns, but it also keeps it clean, dust free and… drumroll… keeps the cats out of it.  When the loom is ready to weave, I will have it covered entirely when I’m not working on it.  These panoramic windows really lets the sun in.  Just something new to contend with out on the road. But love all this light!

Lastly, a real, honest-to-goodness Happy New Year to all my readers and to all my friends!  I’m really excited about 2014.  Wishes to all for a bountiful, fun and wonderful year.  Go exploring!!!