Hello from Port Edward

There was no place to park in Prince Rupert, so am at Port Edward. Hate being here.  This RV park has gone to hell in a hand basket and they have not figured out how to retrieve it from hell.  Gads, I’ve been here before, never seen it in such pathetic shape.  There is no other place to park in this area, to await the arrival of my ferry.  So I’m attempting to make the best of it, but its driving me crazy. Lousy connectivity as well.  The campground claims to have full service sites, but I don’t know where.  Electricity – less then 15 amps if that.  4 sites I had to move out of for lack of any electricity and one due to reverse polarity. Other sites, I didn’t try as you could see water dripping out of the sockets. Not good. It is so soaking wet here with rainwater, the puddles have moss growing in them. All sites are not level, for the first time in 3 years, I have had to use all my Lynx blocks to get semi-level.  As it is, I’ve turned off my fridge… its cold enough in my rig to keep things cold.  So what has it done since I’ve been here? Its rained. Last night it was also windy.  Today, it got up to 48º – a virtual heat wave.  I’m so not getting acclimated to the colder temperatures… I’m cold to my bones in this wet cold.

Piss and moan is not my nature… almost didn’t write this to my blog, but figured I should stress life on the road is not always like smelling roses…

Good things have come from this experience though. To keep warm – dressed in layers from my silk long johns to a forgotten coat in my storage bin – I now know I need to buy new clothes. Laughing here, as everything is too big!  Yippee!!!   To also keep busy…. I have pulled together, into packets or bags, the items that will be removed from my rig when I get to Haines.  I really couldn’t do most of that when I was traveling, but had mentally done it up until now. Now its done.  The high forecasted in Haines on the 9th is 30ºf – so I will be wanting to move quickly to get this task done.  Tho if snow happens as forecasted, I will at least get the crucial stuff out that first day. Think I may stay warm while I’m doing all transferring…

And my friends in Haines have, with the help of some movers, transferred all my stuff out of storage and into my apartment, as of yesterday.  Guess it is full to the rafters.  I knew this task of downsizing was overdue… it will keep me out of trouble for the next few months. But bring it on….!

On October 6th, I’m getting out of this RV park and moving to the steep grade of the ferry’s street parking.  Alot of my fellow ferry passenger with vehicles will start showing up that day as well.  Its almost like a tailgating party…  Hopefully, I will get some sleep, as we will board the ferry at o’dark thirty on the 7th – think around 3 am or so, but if not… will catch up on board the ship.

No further comments on this blog until I get to Haines now. Right now, need to finished the last of my smoked red salmon and my latest book “Denali Howl…” by Andy Hall.


Somewhere along Highway 16 BC

It was a wise decision to move north when I did… escaping 80+ temps to 60’s was a delight to behold.  The drive north was beautiful sunshine type of weather.  I stopped in Clinton on my way up to see if my old standby was still open.  The owners had sold the campground and plan to hit the road full time in their Class A.  I stayed there three times this year – 2 of which were freebies, including this last one. They handed over the keys to the place two days after I left them.  They were the only campground open the entire route from Washington State to Prince Rupert in the off season – I made good friends with them over the years.  Not sure what I will do in the future, if I do this route again. Great people!!!

As I headed on up and thru Prince George the days got cooler and nights got downright frosty. Love it!  The constant changes of Fall colors waxed and waned thru the hills and valleys. The traffic had slowed considerably from the summer hectic schedules. Now all I saw were British Columbians & Alaskan RVer’s heading south – in droves… and trucks hauling logs. Otherwise, it was just me and my two cats heading north.  Love Fall trips on the open road… its the fundamental part of me, I quickly succumb to nature, embrace it and find immense peace.  Not at all sure how to describe the affect on me, but I’ve always loved Fall. If I wasn’t driving, I’d be hiking the trails… Think crisp days, cold nights, changing colors, fallen leaves and a shared mug of hot chocolate over a camp fire… and Melinda is in her element.  Gosh I have missed this!!!  I’m a 4 season gal and this has been missing these last few years.  No more, I will seek it out from now on…

Per happenstance, the place I decided to park, to get acclimated, turns out to be a fly fisherman’s haven.  I did not know this until arrival.  I’m at Fort Telkwa, British Columbia and the fish are biting!!!   Its been 2 years since I stayed at this campground that hugs the shores of the Bulkley River.  They are the only campground open between Prince George and Prince Rupert right now, as all the others have closed for the season, such as Provincial parks all close September 15th in BC.  Its a great place to hang one’s hat. But I did not expect to find a campground full of fly fisherman – good grief!  But what a joy!  There are a ton of Italians, British Columbians, even a few from England who had plotted and planned there stay at this time at Fort Telkwa to fish. Most stay between 4-6 weeks here. I had no idea.  Tons of 10 lb weight (in metric tho) rods, lots of fly tying going on under spot lights in evenings, you can feel the excitement thru the whole campground.   I discovered I still know some italian, was able to translate a conversation for a couple.  It was quite rusty italian, but it worked. 
I am paying attention to the weather now, more then I had been.  Cold rains have moved in…  I’m not sure of my timing on leaving here.  Do I stay or do I get to Prince Rupert?  Prince Rupert would give me more even temperatures due to coastal weather.  Forecast for here has the temps dropping into the 40-50’s in the days with nights in the 30-40’s – with mixed frozen precipitation coming up this next week.  Oh the fickle weather of Fall…  I’m tempted to just hang until October 5th or 6th.  Time will tell tho…
My ferry ride from Prince Rupert is October 7th with my arrival in Haines on the 9th of October. The apartment became available September 15th and my friends Cheri & Joan have done the walk thru, have found and scheduled some guys to move my storage items into the apartment before I get there. I am duly impressed and very thankful for my friends help.  So when I get there, I need to transfer the cats, unload what I need to from the rig, go top off propane, then get my rig winterized.  I’m allowed to park my rig free behind the apartment for the winter.  Of course, the weather is colder there then here… let’s hope it holds off until I can get the rig parked and done.  Can’t do anything about it, it is what it is – will deal with it.  
Then the work begins… I have been scouring Craigslist for that region – to see what’s being sold, what they are asking for said items and dabbled a bit on Ebay for other stuff.  I might post images of some of the stuff here on my blog – if interested.  I’m up for the challenge to get it done… bring it on!

Alive and busy

Sorry, no photos this time. Can’t get them loaded…

I am still at Chimacum’s Escapees Evergreen Coho SKP park.  Initially, just meeting all the people, learning of the happenings, remembering the meetings for leaseholders and going. I haven’t used a clock or watch in 3 years and they expect me to remember all this! Laughing at this new challenge.  Lots going on and have quickly learned I need to set boundaries or I will never get my own stuff done.

So it dawned on me… there is no reason I need to carry the contents of this rig up to Alaska, only to have to haul it inside for the winter, when I could just as easily leave it here at Evergreen Coho. Interesting enough, this was/is far harder to do.  I use what I have with me, do I want to not have it with me?  Oh the questions that prompts.  So far, the only things I will definitely leave behind is my floor loom, outdoor mats and my sun oven.  I’m still working thru that process…

Leaving the loom prompts me to finish weaving off the towels on it.  I want to donate one of them to the NW Lazy Daze GTG auction they are having.  I always try to donate something…  So the task at hand is finding time to weave.  I wish I could upload one of the images, as these are beautiful towels, if I say so myself.  Hopefully in my next post.

Lo and behold… I get this email – “Melinda, are you at Evergreen Coho?” from some friends of mine. I had met Bernie and Caroline at Pahrump’s Escapees park two years ago. We are both from Alaska and we have stayed in touch all these years, but had not seen each other.  So I responded – “Yes, where are you?”  Nothing, for hours, no response.  This is nuts.  So I went walking all over the park, looking for the name pallet they always hang on their rig.  They must be in the park.  They have a 5th wheel but beyond that I have no clue what brand or make it is.  Having walked the almost the entire park,  with just one last row to go. Wa-la! They are here, yippee!!!  But they are not home. Bummer.  So I texted Caroline with my lot number and waited… and waited… and waited.  It turns out, they have been in the park for 4 months and they had visited my rig (parked in both places) several times only to find no one home. Told you I’ve been busy.  They were equally frustrated not connecting with me.   Its been great catching up with all their news. They wanted to surprise me in person, not text or email me. That didn’t work. Laughing here.

After connecting with them, I was doing laundry one day… and another person tapped me on my shoulder – “Hey Melinda!”  oh my goodness, I got a bear hug of a welcome from Bill and his wife Jean – I met them at Benson’s Escapees park sometime in my travels. Bill is a fellow fiber artist – but he weaves with copper, steel and other metals – fascinating stuff.  Absolute joy seeing both of them here.

Speaking of weavers… Have discovered another weaver, a new resident of Evergreen too, and what a delight!  She knows of the art scene in this area, pointers of places to go, guilds to join and who not to join, juried shows, workshops, etc.  Truly exciting to get the scoop on all this.

So that’s it for now.  Just wanted you to know I’m still alive and kicking and having fun too.

Two worlds

Chilkoot River

I had mentioned to Jimbo that I was clueless on what I was going to do this winter or even where I would go.  I knew I did not want to travel as extensively as I did this past year. I want to park it – so I could spend quality time weaving, spinning and possibly do some dyeing.   I had no desire to return to the Balloon Fest for the 3rd year in a row, and I didn’t think I would stay at Quartzside as long as I the last time. Might do Morro Bay, if I can swing it. Otherwise… no plans other then seeing Vince October 6th at the factory. I had visions of finding some BLM land and hibernating.  Sounded wonderfully low key.

Three days after returning to the lower 48, I was notified that the apartment in Haines was available. It is a place I have wanted for years… having traveled there at least once a year for 20+ years.  To hear that my name finally made it to the top of the wait list was exciting to say the least.  But… why is there always a BUT?

Easy – my two worlds have brought me to my knees.  Never in my wildest imaginations did I think I would love being a full timer – the freedom, the people, etc.  But here is my chance to live in Haines… so what is this girl going to do?  Well… after much, much thinking, I’ve activated my future plans early.

Little rock garden found at SKP park

On arrival to Chimacum, I put myself on their wait list to buy a lot in Evergreen Coho SKP. Lo and behold, I was stunned to find out they had quite a few lots available now. I mean NOW – holy cow!  Normally, their wait list takes folks 6-8 years to get into this place and I ask why the sudden exodus.  Found out those reasons plus a whole lot more.  I’m really jazzed by the powerful surge of positive feedback, even the little negative I heard had a promising future.  So I’ve made the leap and have bought a lot here. I move tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Ok that step is taken care of. Unexpected, but quite happy with that decision.  Now to the next step. I’m heading back to Alaska at the first of October. Uh?  What? Are you crazy?  I can hear my friends now.  They already think I’m nuts driving to Alaska every year, but twice a year!!!  Well, its quite simple. I have decided to spend the winter downsizing, seriously downsizing. My storage is in Haines so I just need to face this task and get it done.  Anyone want to come and help????  Laughing here.

In the meantime, will continue learning about Evergreen Coho, then onto a long overdue 30,000 mile check done on my rig (I’m about 7,000 miles overdue), then on to the Northwest Lazy Daze GTG in September.  I am really looking forward to this gathering.  And my journey continues…



Ah the humor of Alaska.  The map above is a good example of Alaskan humor. So click on the image to enlarge it. If you want to see the whole map, you will find it at the Lighthouse Restaurant in Haines.

The day we arrived in Haines was the sum total of sunshine I guess I will see for awhile. Its been non-stop raining ever since. Fortunately, I found a colorful subject to add to my blog.

This is Buffalo!

A variety of pins he collects

Buffalo arrived in Haines on his motorcycle in early June, looking for a place to rest a bit before heading on north. Apparently, that led to a job – Camp Host of Oceanside RV park.  He’s a delightful character… adds a nice flavor to this place, as everyone smiles when they see him. I haven’t had much chance to talk with him… but maybe one of these days..

Yesterday… nothing too special about it, except the first hour and a half of my getting out of bed.  Got up at 6:30 and turned on water heater and promptly went back to bed to stay warm. Alarm was set for when the hot water would be ready. Got up, fed the cats and off to the shower. Tried to use my hair dryer and was bummed it had quit working, apparently died and gone to hair dryer heaven.  Got dressed, took Lois to the ferry terminal, figured a wet hair day in the rain was fitting. Got back to my rig, got out of the van and closed the door. But…. it would not close.  What?!?  Its pouring down rain…and the door latch did not engage. Went and got a trash bag, and a towel to cover the door to attempt to slow the drenching of the interior of van.  Went back inside to ponder this… decided to try my hair dryer in a different outlet… nope, it did not work.  Ok. it is what it is, I guess.  Where does one find a hair dryer in Haines… probably nowhere.  Sat down to check my email – my computer was dead, I mean completed drained on battery. But why was it on battery, it was plugged in.  Yes, it was plugged in, but no light on the serge protector, no power.  So somewhere between going to bed and attempting to turn on my computer – something had popped my breaker, no power. Good grief.  Went about resetting the breaker…and I have a hair dryer once again. Great! So I decided to go back out in the rain to tackle the door latch.  With a wee bit of help from a mechanical minded person, I got the door latch to at least close.  They showed me how to make the door latch “think” its locked and then how to release it in that state.  It works!  
After that initial hour and a half of yesterday… I kind of laid low for the day… or tried to.  I laughed about all this… but was a little gun-shy of doing too much.  As it is… I did have 2 left feet and it was just one of those days… lots of chuckles.
Today is a new day… still raining… but I’ve got a ton of things to do, so onward.


This being stuck just doesn’t hold water. Frustrated and bummed about it, I missed a real opportunity. Well, not missed but most seriously delayed.  So on the surface it looks like no RV park or State Park or what-have-you is open in Pennsylvania or northward until May 1st, right?  Well, not quite true.

Its rather amazing how the mind works when ones doing mundane things like filling the water tank.  First let me say… there’s alot available if I wanted to move every day, truly there is. But neither I nor my cats like moving everyday for more than 3 days.  The calendar tells me I got a little over 2 weeks to play with before my next adventure.  So even attempting to plot and plan this to any degree did not quite fill up that 2 weeks. So I tossed that idea.  I made one phone call this morning on a hunch.  It was to a RV park further north of me that claims its not open until the end of April. All reviews state this is a good place. So I asked if I could help get there park open.  I told them a little on what I had done camp hosting last summer, and I had no plans to get back into that this year, but I need a place to park until such and such date and what I’ve done before.  We chatted a bit more and they said they would talk it over and get back to me. Not 20 minutes passed, phone rang.  If I could come in next Monday, the day after Easter, they would love to have some help. They outlined what they were seeking and what they were offering.. it doesn’t sound like much on the work part, but will reserve that opinion until I get there. But yippee!!! I got a place to hang until May.

It was chilly this morning – high 20’s, and it snowed last night but didn’t last long.  And it was a hot 52ºF this afternoon, well in the sun it was toasty..  and that prompted a different subject.

I don’t know how my fellow full-time RVer’s keep plants going in their RV, but it has been a challenge for me.  A couple of pictures here are off springs to the Grandmother Christmas Cactus.  I say Grandmother of all, as when I carried this huge plant on my lap out of Adak, Aleutian Island, Alaska back in 1994, it was 18 years old then.That was a long airplane ride with that plant on my lap. I acquired it from a civilian gal who acquired it in the Philippines before Adak.  That Grandmother cactus has thrived in the northern arctic entry of my house for all these years, and it went outside in the summers sitting on the front porch facing north. Then I moved to Haines and I realized it was way-y-y too big to carry in my RV, so found a nursery to maintain it over the winter until I got back.

The first picture below, I had planted this arm off the main plant – it was just as big as the plant back in 1994 when I handed it to the gal at the nursery in 2012, when I returned in the April 2013 (check my previous blog posts on this saga). When I finally got it out of her, this is what I was given. The soil was so saturated with red water – it took months for it to dry out… while waiting for that (at a friends house) it bloomed one last magnificent time, then died.  After all these years… I can’t believe she is gone.  She made many, many people happy as she bloomed several times each year.

Click on photos to enlarge

Sick Grandmother Christmas Cactus held up with a moose fishing

Well, this little cutting in this yogurt cup is the last off spring of the Grandmother’s plant. I got this in June of 2013 when I delivered the above plant to my friends house to try to save the main plant.  I managed to frost bite the leaves twice this winter, lost those leaves. Norm took a chunk out of another leaf and I am proud to say… I got 2 new leaves coming on the plant.  Happy, happy, happy!!!

Christmas Cactus baby

Now if anyone has a good solution to hang this on the wall, out of reach of cats, secure enough to go down the road – let me know, ok? And any tips on protecting it better in the freeze.

Before I thought of asking to work at getting a RV park open for the season, I started looking at other sources that I had acquired before I went full-time. They are more fitting for me now, but I had totally forgotten about them.  One is Overnight RV Parking and the other is Boondockers Welcome. The latter one I have belonged to since before my RV ownership, as I provided our home in Alaska to be a stopping point for RV travelers. Then it lapsed.  So I have rejoined as of today.  If I had checked either one of these, I would have found solutions and not restraints on moving forward.  So it is a good day and I thought I would share these with you.

Stealth mode

Tucker – 1st time he’s gotten the dash before Norm

Stealth mode you ponder.  Well it has come to my attention that I have disappeared,  I’m not on the map anymore, they can’t find me.  Funny thing, I can’t find me either. Well once in a blue moon I see myself, but its fleeting.  For those with smart phones, there’s a Find A Friend app. I have several folks that I follow and in turn they follow me.  I often forget I have this, as I don’t think to check it.  So was surprised to get an email – where are you? Can’t find you? from one of the folks I follow. Then before I could respond to her, a 2nd email came in Where are you, can’t find you?  And I now realize, my friends check this app more then I.  Guess I better get my act together and check it more often.

In the meantime, I’m not here.  Did you know that?  I would really like to figure out how to do this stealth mode more often… then maybe I could hibernate somewhere.  As it is.. why do I pop back onto the map after disappearing.  What I do know is if I did not have Millenicom I really would be in stealth mode where I’m camped now.  No wifi or internet is available out at this end of the spit of sand.

Millenicom is still honoring my old $59 plan, but its no longer listed on their Millenicom website, what they offer will be my upgrade. I need to know I’m getting mail before I can order the upgrade, so am waiting… and waiting.. for winter to move out, as my next mail drop will be in northern Virginia. As soon as they know its been delivered my old plan will cease to work.  I don’t want that to happen until I can get the mail.  There’s always something I’m waiting for… but its worth the wait.

I do my bills online, its the best solution for me, then I don’t have to find a post office, etc. Lo and behold, was contacted from the storage place saying I was in arrears for 2 months pay. Excuse me! Its on an automatic payment. Well, funny thing (not) they changed ownership and didn’t bother to tell their customers and the previous owner didn’t give them the money for the 2 months that are paid.  So now I do have to find a post office, as I need to send proof that its been paid.  You know there are days like this… grrrrr….

Today was a magnificent day weather wise. Beautiful, just beautiful. It was a warm 63º. Rain is forecast, but it was a clear sky all day and humidity was low.  No complaints from this gal.  I got chores done today, more phone calls… tomorrow is devoted to working on the loom, Thursday sometime will meet with my friend Mary for dessert.  Ooh can’t wait to see where we are going for that!   Just enjoying the laid back lifestyle right now.

Random stuff

Some of my readers who were asking for updates, got it yesterday. One of them, Pleinguy – who I have no idea what his first name is – told me its too early to head north.  I kind of chuckled over that yesterday – as the weather is same here as it was in Jacksonville (1 hour and 15 minutes south) – so why not move north a little bit? To this morning on Facebook, someone posted a picture of the “Welcome to Florida” sign as you enter Florida from Alabama near Pensacola area – white out conditions, everything covered in snow. And I just roared with laughter. It might be warmer heading north right now.

And snow is forecasted for Jacksonville and Saint Mary’s on Tuesday – so the weather is still the same. Crazy stuff, that’s for sure.

So yes, I’m bucking the norm by heading north.  Climate Prediction via NOAA says things will be warming up in this region in 6-10 days on into 8-14 days and not much in the way of precipitation either along the mid-atlantic coast southward to northern Florida.  So will just ride it out. After Tuesday, I see alot of 70’s in the forecast… so may move on northward. Time will tell.

And among other things. I needed to dump my tanks – I went 24 days without dumping the black tank – whoa is me, but surprisingly it was listed as 72% on my SeeLevel and it had been listed full on the hood display as full for quite sometime.  So something else to learn about this rig.  I did dump my grey tank at my friends (with their permission) once.

So the mundane chores are done now. Tomorrow, I will be back working on my next project on the loom. I am beaming on at the moment.  A little research on the fiber I’m using, as I have never used Tencel, which is a fancy name for rayon. I was told it acts like silk and is soft like silk, but its not silk. Then a comment from a fellow weaving friend said it does not wear well, made me do some more research.  What I’m putting on is a baby blanket. There’s no way in heck will I give it to a new Mom if it can’t be thrown into the washer and dryer without much ado.  From my research, it says to wash by hand and dry flat. That won’t work.   But some said they have had no problem too.  So will make it and see how it pans out. It might be a dress-up blanket – if there’s such a thing for babies.

On a previous post I mentioned I couldn’t be seen at the local hospital or clinic. What I neglected to say is that the military is no longer open to military personnel unless you are signed up for that region. I couldn’t believe it.  So I can’t get ANY kind of medical outside of my own region.  This held true on the lab work too.  Some might say, there’s the VA. When I retired, I stayed with military medicine vs going VA on purpose. It doesn’t mean I can’t still switch, but my pay is military, not VA pay.  At this time, I’m not switching.  But was surprised that they have closed the door on its own to get help.

Grump, grump, grump here… why don’t people follow rules and regulations? Do Not Feed The Wildlife is made for reason that are escaping the brains of many folks.  Last Spring, was traveling with a person who put whole peanuts out to draw in the feral havalina pigs – to get better pictures!!!  Now I’m parked next to a RV that has allowed their two cats outside and they roam freely without a leash or anyone being around. Rules dictate all pets must be on 6′ leash and not left alone outside. These folks are feeding them outside as well.  Then there are people that feed the feral cats at Mayport NAS – those feral cats are healthy looking cats!  And then someone in Alabama, no it was in Mississippi, where a semi-permanent young RV family left their young kids outside alone (Mom had her back to them inside her rig, talking on cell) and a… think it was a lynx, or something like it, was found less then 25 feet from those kids.  That was quite a conversation in that park that night. But seriously… I use to grump in Alaska when folks left their garbage out, bear comes to feast on easy pickings, then gets the bear killed due to the stupidity of the humans not storing their trash.  Ok, off my soapbox today.

There are several historical places in this area that I have not seen in over 20 years. May or may not go check them out. What I would like is a good museum or two. There must be a few of them around. So will ask the locals soon.

Last of OKC for now..

After Sarah got off work, she picked me up to do a tad more sightseeing before dinner.  As we sat at a stoplight, I looked to my right and there was a Russell Stover Outlet store… Did I go to heaven or what?  I had no idea they had an outlet store. Sarah casually asks – “want to check it out?”. Seriously?  So a quick turn in and…  there was way-y too much chocolate to comprehend.  Is that possible?  Nah, I was exaggerating… not!  They have all the holidays chocolates out (Halloween, Valentines, Easter, Christmas, etc), but I looked past the holiday stuff and zero’d in on Bloopers. Bloopers, who could have dreamed bloopers would be such a gold mine of goodies.  If I had known, I would have bought more… I think.  Nonetheless, bloopers are their flunkies – broken pieces, drizzles not right or some other mis-formed candy – stuffed into a little bag for a cheap, cheap price. Oh my…  I grabbed a bag of chocolate crispies which was about 8 Santa boots, and miscellaneous other pieces of crispies. Wow!

Last night, went out to dinner at one of the best pizza joints this side of Italy.  Its called the Hideaway Pizza.  Awesome pizza!  I ordered the Little Kahuna – which was olive oil & garlic base with grilled chicken, smoked bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese.  Delicious!

Learned I need to come back to Oklahoma City.  I didn’t make it to any of the museums – one of which was the Cowboy museum.  I understand the art work in this is pretty spectacular.  And I could have gone to the Federal building memorial too, but seriously – not enough time in a day to see everything.  So I will be back one day.
Now then, if the wind wasn’t howling so bad, I would be trucking down the road right this minute, as it is the rig is rocking constantly parked.  I would have gone if I only read the forecast for today, but the reality of it – the winds are not for RV driving. Period.  Thunderstorms are due in later today too. Its picking out the better of two evils on weather tho. I have to leave tomorrow or I won’t get out of here.  Tomorrow’s forecast is breezy, thunderstorms then the temperature bottoms out. Ice pellets, snow mix, are all in the weather for the next week.  By Friday morning, high temps will be 19º.   This is what I get for hesitating… I could have left over this past weekend, but oh no, I wanted to spend a little more time with my friends. At that time, the weeks forecast looked like storms moving in after I was leaving… wrong.  

The fever of it all

No folks, I’m not sick… but what I have been observing these last two days, there’s no better way to describe it.  

I arrived in Oklahoma City at Tinker AFB, have taken some serious down time for myself, have since done laundry ($.50/per wash & $.50/dryer), and visited with my neighbors in this tiny RV park on base.  Many are here for medical stuff or visiting family. Then there are the folks like me. who decided to rest a spell before moving on.

In talking with folks, you can see, almost palpate the fear that is running rampant thru this park right now.  I have questioned a few, but have since decided to sit back and watch.  What is the fear?  Cold temperatures!  Its forecasted for Tuesday and Wednesday to be in the mid-to-high 40’s and night time lows of high 20 to low 30’s.  Only two days and then it will rebound back into the 60’s as it is today. Oh and it might snow on Tuesday! Heaven forbid…the world is coming to an end for these folks.

What I have observed so far… Many repeating over and over “what do I do?” “will it work” Then too many trips to someplace to get insulation for water hoses, duct tape and then watch these folks spend way too much time wrapping every inch of their hose.  Mind you, the AF base added heat and insulation to each of the water faucets.  Some of these yahoos went and bought heat lamps for their hoses and insulated panels to wrap around the base of their rigs – only to be told no by the camp host.  You would have thought the camp host was dooming the masses.  It was interesting enough watching all this, so when I asked what they were going to do with their sewer hose – sheer panic was observed.   Laughing here.

After a while… I got a knock on my door…  “Can we help you get ready for the cold?”  Kind of you to offer, I said, but I am not hooked up to city water and my sewer hose is put away.  This prompted all kinds of questions.  One question they asked “Can it be so simple?”  And I said, why not.

And so… my entertainment for the day is done, as I close the windows,  and pull down the shades…

Tomorrow, can’t wait until tomorrow… that’s another posting…