New Changes

Anchor at Port Gamble, WA

Ok my fellow blog readers, I need your feedback…

It has come to my attention that the title of this blog “Woven Journey” is a trademark of an e-greeting card company out of Australia since 2009 – .  They have known of my existence since I started my blog, but felt it was not necessary to contact me as I do not compete in any way, shape or form with their business. I did an internet search on my title before I ever went online, never found the title. But..  to me it is an honorable thing to change my title as soon as I realized they had the trademark, domain name, etc.  So…
Questions that needs your feedback on:
1) Do I continue my blog?
2) If I continue, I need a new title, a few suggestions so far…
   a) A Roving Weaver
   b) Weaving Trails
   c) Road Thrums
   d) The Woven Mile
   e)    ??
Will accept feedback on the pros and cons on or off-line.  So would appreciate help asap!  Thanks!
Pier off of Port Townsend
On to other tasks, I got my new-to-me Honda CR-V, but forgot to take a picture for this posting. Its color is Kona Metallic (brown).  Its a 2014 car with less than 7,000 miles on it. Compared to other used cars in the area, I paid a similar price of those with 80-90,000 miles on their odometer. I found it via USAA Auto Buying Club. Its a basic car, I didn’t want or need bells and whistles – so am pleased as punch on my deal. And it is towable 4 wheels down. Yippee!!! That is, if I decide to tow it.  Seriously, I’m not yet in the mindset to tow anything yet.  But luck will show itself… a couple here has offered up their Roadmaster towing equipment.  All I need is the plate that would go on the car. Haven’t seen their equipment yet, but was just so surprised that they gave me first option to it. I still need to do more research before I go beyond this point.
The car was put thru its paces when I left the dealership in Portland. They gave me wrong directions and it took me 3 hours to reach the Washington state-line from Portland. They led me to Highway 26, and then I took Highway 47 up to Highway 30 and then back to I-5. Ridiculous, but true. What a wild ride thru unknown territory, back roads, tons of switchbacks and pitch black country. The car handled fabulously, as I knew it was capable of… but egads Melinda…  got back to Chimacum around 2 o’clock in the morning. 
And…. I have acquired free, a woman’s bike with a basket. Needs air in the tires, cleaned up the bit of rust that’s on it, but darned if I don’t have a bicycle. Can’t be happier.
My dear friend, Cheri, and her husband are here at Chimacum for a week. Super neat to see them and show them some of the places I have found. Such as outstanding fiber stores… smiling here.  Cheri & I spent part of the afternoon spinning fiber into yarn in the clubhouse today. Hope to get a chance to do a wee bit more of this before they head back to Alaska.

A wee bit…

A wee bit of sightseeing today… got a mini tour of Port Townsend from a local that wanted to show off the town to me as she went to do errands. Loved the little tour.  Click on any picture to enlarge.

Typical street view in Uptown


Fort Worden homes

Point Wilson light house

Smallest castle I’ve ever seen