Foot in mouth disease


Blooming flowers along side Clubhouse

Didn’t your Momma teach you to say NO!!! Laughing here, as I volunteer once again.

The Documents committee has been so very time consuming, enveloping, fascinating, challenging.  Last Friday, we presented all our work to the Board of Evergreen Coho RV Park. We started at 9 am, took a hour lunch break and finished up at 3:30 pm.  I was shocked we were there that long! It felt like a couple of hours.  All had been received with rave reviews – can’t say I’ve ever seen anything as positive as that on bylaws, standing rules, etc.  So yes, the team got a well reserved round of applause.  Now to fine-tune/add updates from meeting and get it sent out to the leaseholders of this park. In August, it will be voted on by the leaseholders at the annual Board meeting. Whew!

So in all this work, I started getting approached by all kinds of people, some whom I had not met before but knew their faces, others in random gatherings. Then I learned I was not the only one being approached.  They are seeking 3 new board members. Again, I am surprised they wanted me on the board… so went seeking info (pros, cons, whys, etc.) from a variety of people. Some who tried to talk me out of it, to others who begged me to get on – what’s this all about? I don’t know.  But the more I listened, the more I realized the majority are as jazzed by the happenings within this park as I.  Its very positive, if not downright exciting. So.. I submitted my application on Monday morning.  A bit of insanity…

Take me away now… please.

Not so fast girly… way back in March 2015, I mentioned a possibility of getting some dances started in the clubhouse. Weeks went by, nary a word and the fella who gave me this tip, was never found back in the park. That is until Saturday night. Shock to see him. Found out my phone number is still in his back pocket of his coveralls, his ex did not know about our conversation. Well, lo and behold, Sunday, I got to meet her. She has graciously offered to give 4 dance classes and one final dance after classes here in the clubhouse. They could teach anything, but we settled on Swing dancing.  So guess what I’m doing… yes, I’m coordinating this whole thing.  Right now, have a survey/poll out to see who is interested.  Final tally is not until Friday, but there’s now, no doubt, it will happen. Wow!

So any treatment for Foot and Mouth Disease?  Oh I know, its called hit the road… soon… yes soon.

Life continues…

Wow! Its past my bedtime, but wanted to try to get some photos onto the blog.  The towels I finished has transformed in front of my eyes. When I first dressed the loom, all three colors – off white, light green and dark green appeared to be one color.  Seriously.  100% organic cotton darkens when exposed to heat – it does not fade.  But I try to hold off exposing it to heat, so that the person I give the towel(s) to can see it change.  This was a fun one to weave.
The green is more of a sage green, not grass green as this photo shows

Yardage after washing, but before cutting apart 

With the towels done, the next task was to remove the loom to my shed for my trip north. Well… the loom had other ideas.  This particular loom folds up, similar to scissors.  I got it into the rig, I should be able to get it out, right?   I could not get it past the door frame.  So had tried to get the strollers/wheels off. At this point, I need help – cause nothing is working.  So called Bernie & Caroline.  Of course, this had us starting from scratch of folding it back up higher with Bernie’s strong arms. Still could not get it out the door.  So in this picture below… Caroline is on the floor under Bernie’s legs – they are working as a team to attempt to get the wheels off. As they puzzled thorough the loom mechanism – I offered to take them to lunch for their attempt to help.  So after 4 1/2 hours, we put the loom back in place and went out to eat.  Crazy stuff.

Bernie & Caroline

So I will have to leave loom in my rig for the winter.  It should be ok, but I really did not want to leave it in the rig.  It is what it is and will just go with it.

I’ve been so very busy here…  really great people here at Evergreen Coho.  I haven’t laughed this hard or this often in eons.  Have thoroughly enjoyed my stay here and am looking forward to returning.
Now back to work, ere sleep.  I’ve got a full day tomorrow… hoping to get it all done. Then have a laid back type of day on Sunday, as I head out on Monday.
Looking ahead to the first of October – all the provincial parks, and majority of RV parks close by the end of September in Canada.  I had hoped some might have been opened… but its not meant to be.  So will have to deal with it like I did when I traveled in April in Canada.  Hopefully, it will be warmer in October then it was in April – but time will tell. But it will be awesome to have the road to myself once again.  More later.

Alive and busy

Sorry, no photos this time. Can’t get them loaded…

I am still at Chimacum’s Escapees Evergreen Coho SKP park.  Initially, just meeting all the people, learning of the happenings, remembering the meetings for leaseholders and going. I haven’t used a clock or watch in 3 years and they expect me to remember all this! Laughing at this new challenge.  Lots going on and have quickly learned I need to set boundaries or I will never get my own stuff done.

So it dawned on me… there is no reason I need to carry the contents of this rig up to Alaska, only to have to haul it inside for the winter, when I could just as easily leave it here at Evergreen Coho. Interesting enough, this was/is far harder to do.  I use what I have with me, do I want to not have it with me?  Oh the questions that prompts.  So far, the only things I will definitely leave behind is my floor loom, outdoor mats and my sun oven.  I’m still working thru that process…

Leaving the loom prompts me to finish weaving off the towels on it.  I want to donate one of them to the NW Lazy Daze GTG auction they are having.  I always try to donate something…  So the task at hand is finding time to weave.  I wish I could upload one of the images, as these are beautiful towels, if I say so myself.  Hopefully in my next post.

Lo and behold… I get this email – “Melinda, are you at Evergreen Coho?” from some friends of mine. I had met Bernie and Caroline at Pahrump’s Escapees park two years ago. We are both from Alaska and we have stayed in touch all these years, but had not seen each other.  So I responded – “Yes, where are you?”  Nothing, for hours, no response.  This is nuts.  So I went walking all over the park, looking for the name pallet they always hang on their rig.  They must be in the park.  They have a 5th wheel but beyond that I have no clue what brand or make it is.  Having walked the almost the entire park,  with just one last row to go. Wa-la! They are here, yippee!!!  But they are not home. Bummer.  So I texted Caroline with my lot number and waited… and waited… and waited.  It turns out, they have been in the park for 4 months and they had visited my rig (parked in both places) several times only to find no one home. Told you I’ve been busy.  They were equally frustrated not connecting with me.   Its been great catching up with all their news. They wanted to surprise me in person, not text or email me. That didn’t work. Laughing here.

After connecting with them, I was doing laundry one day… and another person tapped me on my shoulder – “Hey Melinda!”  oh my goodness, I got a bear hug of a welcome from Bill and his wife Jean – I met them at Benson’s Escapees park sometime in my travels. Bill is a fellow fiber artist – but he weaves with copper, steel and other metals – fascinating stuff.  Absolute joy seeing both of them here.

Speaking of weavers… Have discovered another weaver, a new resident of Evergreen too, and what a delight!  She knows of the art scene in this area, pointers of places to go, guilds to join and who not to join, juried shows, workshops, etc.  Truly exciting to get the scoop on all this.

So that’s it for now.  Just wanted you to know I’m still alive and kicking and having fun too.

Two worlds

Chilkoot River

I had mentioned to Jimbo that I was clueless on what I was going to do this winter or even where I would go.  I knew I did not want to travel as extensively as I did this past year. I want to park it – so I could spend quality time weaving, spinning and possibly do some dyeing.   I had no desire to return to the Balloon Fest for the 3rd year in a row, and I didn’t think I would stay at Quartzside as long as I the last time. Might do Morro Bay, if I can swing it. Otherwise… no plans other then seeing Vince October 6th at the factory. I had visions of finding some BLM land and hibernating.  Sounded wonderfully low key.

Three days after returning to the lower 48, I was notified that the apartment in Haines was available. It is a place I have wanted for years… having traveled there at least once a year for 20+ years.  To hear that my name finally made it to the top of the wait list was exciting to say the least.  But… why is there always a BUT?

Easy – my two worlds have brought me to my knees.  Never in my wildest imaginations did I think I would love being a full timer – the freedom, the people, etc.  But here is my chance to live in Haines… so what is this girl going to do?  Well… after much, much thinking, I’ve activated my future plans early.

Little rock garden found at SKP park

On arrival to Chimacum, I put myself on their wait list to buy a lot in Evergreen Coho SKP. Lo and behold, I was stunned to find out they had quite a few lots available now. I mean NOW – holy cow!  Normally, their wait list takes folks 6-8 years to get into this place and I ask why the sudden exodus.  Found out those reasons plus a whole lot more.  I’m really jazzed by the powerful surge of positive feedback, even the little negative I heard had a promising future.  So I’ve made the leap and have bought a lot here. I move tomorrow. Yippee!!!

Ok that step is taken care of. Unexpected, but quite happy with that decision.  Now to the next step. I’m heading back to Alaska at the first of October. Uh?  What? Are you crazy?  I can hear my friends now.  They already think I’m nuts driving to Alaska every year, but twice a year!!!  Well, its quite simple. I have decided to spend the winter downsizing, seriously downsizing. My storage is in Haines so I just need to face this task and get it done.  Anyone want to come and help????  Laughing here.

In the meantime, will continue learning about Evergreen Coho, then onto a long overdue 30,000 mile check done on my rig (I’m about 7,000 miles overdue), then on to the Northwest Lazy Daze GTG in September.  I am really looking forward to this gathering.  And my journey continues…

Travel back to lower 48

Looking across bay at Haines

Wow! Its been awhile since I’ve posted. Sorry about that.   I’ve been in Washington a week now. My traveling companions and I headed straight to Panorama Point Park (National Forest CP), north of Concrete, Washington to see Jimbo, who is the Camp Host this summer. Beautiful park!

Guess what they see across the Chilkoot River?

My traveling companions? You wonder.  Two couples who traveled together up to Alaska for the summer, as they came thru Haines on there way out, we connected briefly to set plans, then I met them in Teslin, Canada a few days later to travel south with them.  John & Linda had there trip detailed plotted and planned out from start, so I just kicked backed and enjoyed the trip out. Seriously folks, what a joy! They are far removed from my whimsical style of traveling, but I learned alot on how they travel – got alot of great pointers, and I didn’t have to worry about where to stop for the night either, etc. I was on vacation, in a way, and it was a delight.  And that was for the trip down the Cassiar Highway, a very remote place to travel.  Beautiful, beautiful place.  Things changed up a bit when we hit semi-civilization…

My camp at Boya Provincial Park

And our next campground.. at Kinaskan Lake Provincial Park:

And then onward to Stewart/Hyder:
Bear Glacier on way down to Stewart, Canada

Momma & baby

When we made it to Highway 16, the differences between our traveling styles showed themselves. When I need to shop for food, etc – its done when I stop for the night or on a non-traveling day, not when on the road. Its the way I learned from my fellow full timers.  So when we stopped in Smithers at a Safeway store for them to pick up a “few things” as they were out of food – I never dreamed I would still be there 2 hours later.  If I had known, I would have left them and traveled on to our next campground. Then the 4 of them informed me they needed to stop in Prince George to go Walmart and Costco shopping the next day. Later in the day JC told me he & ZC needed 3-4 hours to do this and they would then take 2 extra days before entering the States again. Whoa…  its another travel day, not a shopping day for me. At that point, I informed John & Linda that I would meet them in Washington. So we parted ways… 

As it turned out… they were only a hour and a half behind me that day – obviously JC did not need 3-4 hours to shop. But I had no idea… and the next day… we apparently arrived at the border crossing within an hour of each other. – therefore they did not stay an extra day in Canada. Go figure! They headed straight to Panorama park, I stopped to get email.  Despite it all, I really enjoyed traveling with them. The conversations around the campfire at night or over the CB radio were most entertaining. Lots of chuckles.  Although, I think traveling with a set schedule is hard, therefore another full timer would be a better choice if I ever go this route.  But what a fun trip, all in all.  Thanks John & Linda, JC & ZC for letting me tag along on your adventure.
Panorama Point National Forest Campground – awesome place!  Only 2 negatives… not enough sun to power the solar, due to heavy tree canopy and the other campers. They are partiers…  But I stayed an extra 3 nights after my friends departed.  Of those days… the first was noisy with the campers as they drank the night away and laughed themselves silly in the day swimming in Baker Lake. I really did not mind it. The last day – I had the campground to myself. Pure joy!  Even Jimbo wasn’t around.  
My spot at Panorama Point

Baker Lake

So what to do… let see, I could not work on my loom – its too dark to see colors, threads and such. Had zero connectivity to the outside world. Had no desire to take a hike. So I picked up my Kindle and started reading. I haven’t read a book in over 2 years and I found myself so totally engrossed with the “Fifty Shades of Grey” that nothing else existed. Oh my!  I have since read the trilogy. Awesome!

When I realized my solar just wasn’t being recharged, I decided to leave a day earlier. I parked the night at a KOA near Concrete, WA – $22/night campground. Who has ever seen a KOA that cheap!!! It was a Thousand Trails campground too. Beautiful place, but $22? But only one night, dumped tanks, refilled water and I headed for Anacortes.  I had an appointment at Frontier Ford for my rig – oil & filter change, fluids checked, etc.  Then onto Whidbey Island’s Fort Ebey State Park to stay the night, then hopped on the ferry to Port Townsend the next day.  And I have planted myself at Escapees Evergreen Coho SKP here in Chimacum.
I had a great opportunity yesterday to meet a gal who has followed my blog from the start. What a blast! We will get together again next Tuesday…she’s going to show me around the area. My boys loved her! Thanks Ilse for taking the leap. 


Rainbow Plantation – Summerdale, AL

The above picture is 1/2 way down one of three rows of the “campground” here at Rainbow Plantation Escapees RV Park.  At the very end of this row, is dry camping area and behind that, RV storage area for the residents – who do not live in the “campground”.  The clubhouse and residences are to the far right.  No, I did not take pictures of those places. Most are in park models or actual brick homes. Christmas lights are lit too. Quite pretty.  Besides me and other RV’s, the campground is home to ants. Ants of at least two sizes.  What I thought were gnats at first, were itty-bitty ants. They are everywhere, including the side of my rig facing the sun yesterday afternoon. Then you have to watch where you walk – fire ants are everywhere as well.  All the trees in the campground are oaks. Acorns are dropping constantly on tops of the rigs. Little acorns, but acorns nonetheless.  In the residential areas, I see several pecans trees too.  

So my stay here is coming to an end.  The weather – so very thick and muggy humidity (97-100%) on the hot days of 78-80, to the drops of temps to day time highs of the 40’s has been a roller coaster I want to get off of.  The heat days rule – I am literally non-functioning on those days, altho I’m not has bad as I was – I hate this kind of weather.  The cats & I absolutely love it when the temp drops, night time lows finally get out of the 70’s back into good sleeping weather temps of 40’s – funny thing, no one else functions in this park.  Its amazing these folks don’t go out when its chilly! To each its own, I guess.
A simple discovery of another Lazy Daze RV, just 6 spaces down from me, made my week. Jim & Sue are a delightful couple to meet, are full timers and have never been to an outing with other Lazy Daze folks. They have a tea cup dog just like Jimbo’s dog named Chica, except her name is Honey and is a whole lot older than Chica.   They offered to take me to groceries yesterday down in Foley, AL – much appreciated! Even found 5 items I’ve been searching for all across this country.  And its the first time I’ve ever been in a Publix – great grocery store!!!
A couple of neat offerings usually found in an Escapees park – not provided by the Club, but services offered by their residents.  Hair cuts – got mine yesterday morning. It solely needed it. And I’m getting my rig washed and waxed.  Its an almost too-good-to-be-true deal on the rig wash and wax.  This guy said he charges $100 for the Class A’s, but he will only charge me $75 for my rig.  Fortunately, I had talked to others about him and his work before I heard the prices or I would have wondered what he does.  For those who haven’t done this – generally its $9 per foot to do both, but sometimes extra for waxing, but not always. I generally do my own, but once a year – I let someone else do it.

I had previously mentioned planning to go to Pensacola, possibly to Santa Rosa Island, etc. Well the main reason I was going was to see two sets of long time friends who, for whatever reason, have chosen not to respond to emails and/or text messages from me.  Sad to see this, but it is what it is. Bye bye former friends of Pensacola.

So… am heading east… my friends in Jacksonville Beach are telling me the temps have been in the 80’s, but this Alaskan is hoping like crazy they do not have the thick muggy humidity to go with it. The muggy where I’m presently is pouring in off of the Gulf of Mexico and Jacksonville Beach is on the Atlantic Ocean. Time will tell on this one.

Warmer climes..

Old man winter was telling the folks in Arkansas to expect a deep freeze, ice, snow, you name it. And I said, no more.  But I was rather stuck there waiting for a wayward package from Amazon. It was due in on Tuesday – which would have allowed me to squeak out just barely from the winter moving in. So I got ready. Lo and behold, was notified my package was coming in on Saturday – yippee!  I departed on Sunday morning.

On that Saturday tho, I had a wonderful opportunity to connect with my sis-in-law, she was visiting her sister in Fort Smith, AR and they both came over to see me. Its the first time I’ve met her sister.  What fun!  We and my friend Karen, all went out for lunch. That was a treat too.  No pictures, as I didn’t think about it.

So Sunday, I hightailed it south.  Got off the interstate in Hope, AR and took off on Highway 29, which switched to County Road 3 in LA. One of my great memories of LA was found less then 1 mile into the State. Near a 4 way stop sign, sat 3 elderly gentlemen having a little gathering on an old foundation. One was strumming a banjo, another was making music on an old barrel, and the other was singing but doing some tune on sticks. LOVED IT!  Far as that’s concerned, they were really enjoying themselves. So I pulled over and stopped. Asked if they minded if I sit a spell and listened.  Well, out of a house next to these guys, came a women playing a harmonic.  Some of the best damn Blues I’ve heard in years.  What a special moment in time.

I had originally planned to stop just north of Minden at Caney Lakes Recreational area – two things ruled that out. 1) only 50 amp outlets; 2) flood warning just north of this area.  So then I was going to target Barksdale AFB FamCamp, but when I got to Shreveport, I said no way am I hanging here. So kept trucking on down the road.  So folks, tell me what is the difference between flooded rivers and swamps or vice versus?  It all looks wet to me! Laughing here.

I eventually ended up in Natchitoches, LA for the night. There were zero rest areas along I-49, so looked for a RV park or a decent truck stop.  The 4th RV place I had checked south of Shreveport, the best of the 4, gave a lousy night of sleep. It was right behind a truck stop. That in and of itself wasn’t the problem, but the jack hammer that started before first light was.  And the temp was a warm muggy 59ºF.  There weather forecast was no different then Little Rock, so despite being tired, I headed on out.  Got to Lafayette/I-10 and headed east.  Oh my goodness the road is horrible!!!  Just a clickity-clack for miles and miles and miles.  Rest areas have cops?  The sign said security provided. My goodness are they that bad? Perhaps, but the volume of traffic made resting the eyes hard, but I did stop for a couple of hours. Then I stopped in Gulfport, MS for the night. Had nice cool breezes.

Then headed down to what they claim is the scenic highway – highway 90.  Going thru non-stop traffic lights, stores, box stores, railroad tracks is not what I would call a scenic highway.  The best of that route was in Pasgacoula (not sure how to spell it) and the giant ship building area off in the distance. Then I got off and went back onto I-10.    I knew Highway 90 had lost several bridges in MS to Hurricane Katrina all along this route, but I suspect it was before I got onto the road in Gulfport. Perhaps that is where it was more scenic too.  As it is, I-10 is quite scenic too.

I got in late yesterday to the Escapees Rainbow Plantation RV park in Summerdale, AL

Fog lifting in early light

This is a large park, wide open spaces that reminds me of horse pastures, sweeping horse pastures, but with RV’s along the edges.  I will take more pictures later on, when the fog lifted this morning the rains moved in.  In my mind’s eye, the rain justified those high humidity of 96% I had most of the night, when in reality, it was the fog.  Pea soup muggy… and I left the cold for this?  Only saving grace – if I can wait it out, is the cooler temps coming in next week.  Now I need to figure out where the dumpster is, the club house, and the laundry – but all in due time. Today, I’m taking some down time. Last night’s temp was too hot for me at 68ºF, but I put on my exhaust fan and slept the night away.

To my military friends, its cheaper to stay at the Escapees Park then the Fam Camps in this area. I was surprised by that. Altho I may try to get over to Pensacola NAS.  I would love to see the aviation museum once again and see what they have added – its been 30 years since I last saw it. Its a fabulous museum – worth everyone’s time to go see.  But what I may try to do, if its open, is to go out to Santa Rosa Island and stay at Fort Pickens NP Campground. A virtual slip of land surrounded by ocean.  I’m going to inquire about that possibility. Its been eons since I was there. It use to be quite a primitive campground.  Lots of places to re-check out.  You see, I lived in Pensacola for 3 years back in the 80’s and boy has it grown up!!!!  Even here in Alabama.  I use to visit an elderly family friend in Fairhope – its a booming town now, then it was a quaint nondescript little town along the bay.
That’s all for now.

Hello Oregon!

Creative bottle tree – Coho SKP

My trip south from Chimacum was a delightful one to take.  Instead of going around to the coastal 101 – thru Forks and downward – I went straight down 101 to Olympia, that cut off 150-200+ miles. It followed right along the inlet for miles. Blue, blue waters. Fishing boats idling in spot to shore birds diving, disappearing and re-surfacing and I was trying to concentrate on driving…but found myself constantly looking out over the waters. And the neat thing – no one else was out on the road that morning… I did not bother to take photos…I just enjoyed the ride.  I wanted to get thru Portland before I stopped for the day… did that. I really had no target on where to stop for the night but found the roads exceptionally good after Portland and I just kept going. Traffic had lessened considerably as well. So found myself pulling in at 6p at Sutherlin to the Timber Valley SKP park. Not smart, but I wasn’t tired until the heat slammed into me when I got gas and again when I had to get out to register.  Office was of course closed. They had 6 envelopes – 3 for boondocking and 3 for full hookups. My first impression – fogged by the 97ºF temps & exhaustion – was not too good.  I parked in boon docking ($5.00/night) and the heat just flattened me and the boys.

Woke up in the wee hours of the morning – cold. Yes COLD!!!!  Could not believe it. Temps had dropped a good 40º from when I arrived.  Up and definitely awake… now what to do… figured I’d better have a good plan on where I would stay between now and the 15th.  After much plotting and planning, I looked out my windows in the early morning to find wild turkeys hanging around us.

Wild turkeys – Timber Valley SKP

Well, that did it. We would stay.  Tucker and Norm had never seen turkeys before… not quite sure what to make of them either.  So intently were they watching them, I knew I had instant entertainment. 

So went and paid for hookups.  I hate my a/c on my rig, so yesterday, I just used my own technique for staying cool and keeping the rig cool – until about 4 ish. Then waited for the sun to go down, turned on exhaust fan to take the remainder heat away, turned it off when I went to bed – delightful cool night of sleep.  Besides wild turkeys, they have an abundant of deer. My boys had never seen deer up close and personal either.  A little deer very cautiously approached my door, where both boys were sitting alert but not alarmed – the little deer’s nose touched the screen and Tucker leaned forward to sniff – both sniffed for a bit, then Norm reached out a paw to touch and the deer sniffed his paw. At the moment, I must have made a sound – perhaps I inhaled, who knows… but the little deer ran. That magical moment was lost in time. But wow…
So will leave here early Sunday morning. Heading to Fort Klamath (17 miles south of Crater Lake NP) to meet two Lazy Daze friends. We will do the sightseeing of this area before heading out once again. And the adventure continues…

I’m here!

Here in Washington state that is.  The drive from Prince Rupert was uneventful, beautiful Fall like conditions and clear weather.  I took a different route out of Cache Creek then I normally have taken. No images of this, as I was too busy driving – but am delighted I took the path from Kamloops thru Merritt down to Hope. Its all high mountain driving, tons of 6% grades up and down and one particularly grueling combo of 6% and 8% grade just before Hope, that lasted forever – but folks this was a beautiful stretch of road, just beautiful. I’m not so sure I’d want to climb that 6% & 8%, as going downhill was no piece of cake – but we had more variations of levels than the northbound.   And it took no time to get thru customs, even with this guy asking where I was going and I kept saying “traveling in the lower 48”. Finally just raddled off Albuquerque – then he wanted to know how long I’d be there. I wasn’t winning… then he saw my license tags and he informs me, that they belong on a Toyota 4 Runner.  So they do keep track of these things… I wondered. So he now has those facts straight. Nonetheless, I spent less than 2 minutes in customs.

I got into Ft. Epey State Park, near Coupeville – and enjoyed a lazy rainy kickback kind of day – it was awesome to be able to truly relax, cuddle and play with the boys and basically do nothing and not be expected to do anything. A rare treat.

Front row view on ferry

Keeping watch due to foggy conditions

Arriving in Port Townsend

This morning, took ferry to Port Townsend, hit the Safeway store – really wanted some fruits, veggies and some yogurt.  Got fixed up, came out of the store – unloaded the groceries, got behind the wheel and I see this lady walking toward me with a grin on her face. Gosh, she looks familiar!!! My mind was running in overtime trying to figure this one out, when she stopped and gleefully runs to my door and says “remember me?”.  Well yes… sort of… then it dawned on me, she and her husband were at the NW Lazy Daze GTG last year. Connie was her name.  She’s the one that gave me the tip on how to store my olive oil.  Wow!  They live somewhere in Port Townsend, but I had forgotten that. Gosh it was great meeting up with her. Not enough time to chat more than a few minutes, but learned they got a newer Lazy Daze since I saw them.  She saw my rig and went into the store trying to find a familiar face, but decided to come back out and wait for me – when she found me ready to pull out. Luck, pure luck. Great seeing her again.

So I am now at the Escapees Coho SKP park in Chimacum. Will be here a week.  Decided to see if I could get internet without going into the club house and am excited to discover Millenicom is the answer at this park! Yippee!!!  Last year, the only way was to go into the club house. Not necessarily a bad way, as you get to meet all the friendly folks that are here – but I like the fact I can write this blog from my rig.  

One sad note of being out of touch and on the road – I lost a friend. Dolores was a weaving friend, but she was more than that. When my Mom had come up to visit – Dolores always invited us in – she & Mom were of similar age, so had lots to talk about. Always enjoyed their visits. Dolores and her husband Gene were original homesteaders in Anchorage off of O’Malley. There original home is now owned by Jeanette K, another weaving friend of mine, when Dolores and Gene built a new home about 12 years ago on another section of the homestead. Dolores knitted and felted beautiful hats, spun fibers, wove many things on her floor looms, but in the past few years, she is the driving force behind the Chemo Hat project. The guild & Dolores made hundreds of hats for those with cancer.  For years, I helped Dolores with the computer aspects of getting their Alaskan books (more like a library of) organized – what a great source for the history of the State. And then to learn, Dolores was one of the signers of Alaska Territory to become a State. Wow!  She and her husband Gene – were a class act of humanity, generous to a fault and always a joy to be around.  She was a stickler on rules and regulations of juried shows – learned alot from her.  Just so many, many things to remember her with. A gem of a person that I’m glad I had a chance to know.  Rest in peace Dolores.

Boot Camp (corrections added)

I am really jazzed by all that I have learned at Escapees Boot Camp and RV Driving school.  So much of the teachings gave me a better, more solid foundation to all the info I have learned from my questions over the last 5-6 years.  It completely clarified things on the initials on RV weights that I still puzzled over until I got my rig weighed.   Lots was a refresher course for me, a quality refresher course at that.

There was just so much information, that flowed between my ears, surrounded me, embraced my RV life style. Wonderfully amazing!  All of these instructors are well known out here in RV land, to get the chance to rub elbows, ask questions and listen to their shared knowledge was fun and truly an education.  Mac the Fire Guy did a hands on demonstration, gave us some hard facts to think on, tools to use, how to use, the ingredients of extinguishers, even how to open the escape hatch.  I learned the reason I have an escape hatch in my roof is not to escape a fire…. I know quite a few Lazy Daze folks that do not understand its true function. The true escape hatch is the window in the back. Amazing info.  A little video demonstrated how to open the window – worth its weight in gold to see this in action. Learned the differences between the hatches.   Wow!

Did you know that there is no RV that should run an electric heater – no one!  One must update the outlets or you are set for a fire in your rig. Interesting tidbit. The outlets installed are cheap and barely 15 amps – not strong enough to safely run an electric heater.  NOTE: I have a flyer that shows this info on heaters, plus I have other opinions that dispute this as well.  If interested, please contact me directly. Suffice it to say, we don’t believe the Lazy Daze has this issue.

There was just an amazing amount of information on every subject and then some on subjects you didn’t know you needed to know, such as the recalls on RV refrigerators, to towing details – pros and cons on different types, care of, attention to details, etc. And I have a new smoke alarm, as I freely told Mac – I tossed mine away several months ago as it went off with ever wee amount of steam every time.  He understood fully and said he would have done the same thing. It was way too sensitive. My new one can differ between types of smokes… whoa!  And I learned of the correct position for that smoke alarm – its not where the factory installed them, that’s for sure. We learned about CO detectors, propane detectors and anything and everything propane. We learned more about our tanks,, appliances, a/c and furnaces, living full time, getting mail options, tires, pressures, gauges, … it was endless line of information folks. Endless…

The last video of this Boot Camp just blew us all away… it was a video showing how to handle your rig when I tire blows..  One speeds up, not slow down. CORRECTION: One keeps foot on gas pedal vs panic braking, as it allows one to keep the rig straight vs being sucked to the side where the flat is.  It taught us the why of it all, even the how to do it. Amazing info.

If you are not a member of Escapees, join it.   Then run to the nearest Boot Camp…  Now you don’t have to own a RV to do Boot Camp and tho the name implies its aimed at beginners – all will learn from Boot Camp.

In addition to Boot Camp, I signed up for 3 1/2 hours of professional driving school.  They have a 2 day (4 hour day) class for beginners to RV’s.  I did the short version, as I’ve been driving for several months now and needed to zero in on specific areas. Oh my… it was the best money spent!!!  He took me up a steep mountain road with switchbacks and “walked” me thru the paces. That was up, then down. Turn around and went back up to do it the way I had been doing it with the Tow/haul feature and some shifting down and discovered I had less control. Oh my…  also it was stressed in boot camp to obey the road signs, if it says 30 mph curve, you do 30 in your RV. What a world of difference.  Then he found a dirt field and had me do several little maneuvers that was very much an eye-opening experience to me. I learned I just have had dumb luck up to this point. No more, now I know exactly what I need to do and will be practicing to improve the rusty ones. Also discovered my mirrors needed attention and tho I have done well by them up to now, it is far superior with his guidance.  As stressed in boot camp, its extremely important not to drive over curbs, etc – well, do you know where your front right wheel is?  How about the rear fender?

Awesome, awesome education…