Tis the season…

A Merry Christmas to one and all!
From warm Haines, Alaska
My first garage sale was a success, but could have been better from what I was told, as many did not hear about it.  The next happens tomorrow.  I found a ton of quilting supplies, templates, fabric in a trunk, plus a ton of counted cross-stitch stuff – long forgotten by me.  All will find a new home soon, I hope. Today, I sold to one of my neighbors – my Mom’s bedside table. Unexpected treat.
Since the major part of the unpacking is done, I’ve been getting restless. The itch to move on and get back on the road has been really strong.  What to do?  Well, Melinda has grown two left feet and one very uncoordinated body… laughing here… I’ve started doing Zumba.  Have you tried it?  They tell me I will get the routine down after 2-3 visits, right now I’m just a foolish woman. Still laughing here.  But I think I will really like it.  I’m starting out with just two days a week, but its available 5 days a week around here, actually 6 if one counts the toning one (they use weights).  One session has cured the itch to move on for the moment.
As it is, I had promised my RV friends I would be back out in January. Well… I don’t think that will happen.  So won’t make it to Quartzside for sure.  Darn, would love to see everyone once again, but maybe next year.  Morro Bay is still a possibility, but the selling of stuff has got to pick up significantly for that to happen. Time will tell on that.  Sounds like Morro Bay will be a huge event this time around, may be too big for me. Heck, it even sounds too big for Larry & Renee. Hope they get alot of help.
Winter is evading Haines… we have had mostly rain, that freezes at night, so everything is icy in morning, then it rains again.  I am learning how to walk on studs, that is studs/cleats for my boots. They don’t like open grid stairways or ramps – a challenge I haven’t figured out yet, so I take them on and off, frequently when I go out.  But it sure makes walking on ice so much simpler.
With no winter, it has made treks to my RV a breeze. So I have been concentrating on re-loading it, especially now that I’ve unpacked all the boxes. Can’t put liquids or food out yet, but the whole process is running smoothly. Have been surprised that the Damp-rid I have hanging in my rig to keep the moisture level down, haven’t frozen. The rig does very well in these temps, especially with no heat source going.
So on this note… Have a Merry Christmas, if I don’t get back on here before then.

And all that jazz..

Not talking music folks, altho I have been listening to quality music on Pandora One these last few weeks.  I’m jazzed by all that is going good in my life right now..

Where to start.  I’ve been selling stuff right and left. One of those buyers volunteered to come in and help me unpack boxes and folks this super woman, as I like to call her… well its amazing how far I have come in this process with her help.  All boxes are now gone to the recycle center.  All boxes.  Its shocking.  She loves to do this kind of thing and she did not want to be paid. Not paid, are you sure, I asked? She just grinned at me.  We can talk and laugh all day and work. Its truly been fun.  So I set up a bartering system with her. She’s getting married in July and setting up their log home to be a B&B.  Love to barter, so its been a win-win situation for both of us.  I can’t believe how lucky to have found her.  A good friend from here forward.

In my apartment, I am able to close off to the rest of the apartment from this one bedroom which has access to outside. We have transformed this space.  Its now contains only sale items. And the sale starts Saturday. I am so jazzed that this is happening now. The word has spread in town already. Those that have bought stuff already, have been calling.  But I will only do 2 hours every Saturday. Time will tell how it will all pan out, but I’m excited. Its starts this Saturday.

Our first snow – today!

Thanksgiving came and went…  had a blast on turkey day.  I joined the “strays” gathering.  Strays in that anyone that did not have a place to go for Thanksgiving was included. All walks of life came. The place was packed. A handful of folks had just arrived on the ferry, half the medical clinic showed up who worked that day, to folks like me.  It was fascinating to say the least. Great conversations and the potluck of food – gads it was amazing.  Besides turkey and all the trimmings, I had the fabulous chance to eat some red salmon that had been stuffed with blueberries. Oh my goodness! It was outstanding!  Lucky for all of us, we eventually remember each others names, as they continuously kept repeating who was there with each newcomer.  Fun day was had by all.

My dear friend, Cheri, on her trip south to see her father in AZ, stopped in at Chimacum at the Escapees RV park to retrieve my hiking poles from my shed. Didn’t think about needing them to snowshoe, so now we just need snow. This winter is forecasted to be warmer than normal and wetter than normal. So what in the heck will that mean, I don’t know.  Today tho, its finally snowed.  This is nothing, but it sure is nice to see. And its still snowing as I write this.

Life is good.



I unwrapped this framed poster today…  It speaks volumes on my life these days. I purchased it online a few years back when I was in the deep throes of major changes in my life.  I loved it then, but am living it now.  So thought to share it.

As I continue to wade thru the boxes… I’m shocked to see how I was packed out, to what they packed and wonder how nothing has been broken, crushed or destroyed.  Today, I reached the top most box… it was super heavy. I struggled to get it down to a workable height. The sides caved in, the corner was smashed and the box was labeled “hall closet”.  What hall closet?  We did not have a hall… so opened it up. It was 3 empty boxes for Longaberger collectible baskets, but no baskets, and a Bose woofer (this was so heavy) and a dozen rolls of bathroom tissue. Say what? And the box was not full… Many boxes have not been full and lots of odd shaped boxes, as if they got boxes from the grocery store vs from the moving company. Weird stuff.  One of the worst packing jobs I’ve ever seen and trust me folks, I’ve moved alot over the years.  
But all in all… I’m moving right along with this process.  Am in the process of moving the boxes into a more orderly arrangement, so I can set up a table to start selling things in earnest vs piece-by-piece.
Still tentatively thinking I can be out of here in January, time will tell on that.



Since my last post and Indian summer photos, it has been tough to find a day to take any photos… outside, that is.  I’m taking lots of photos, inside as I prep to post ads to sell stuff.  I’m getting into the hang of this… so moving along. I had to move my RV a bit, to make room for dumping of snow. Its been snowing for two days off and on, but nothing is sticking. A good thing, as I still haven’t found my winter coat.

This next week, hoping the weather clears a bit… its the Eagles Festival here in Haines. Some 3000-4000 eagles arrive about this time of the year.  I’ve always wanted to be in Haines for this, so am really looking forward to it.  The eagles come every year to feast on the last of the decaying salmon… I’ve been around tens of tens, and I think even a hundred of eagles at one time, but can’t quite wrap my brain around thousands.. so it should be interesting.
Alaskans get Permanent Dividend checks in October each year. It can be as little as $300 per person up to $3000, one never knows.  All from oil dividends. Well… back in 2012, I must have miss marked a crucial piece on the application – as they claim I need to prove I was in State in 2012.  Did I know I needed to prove this in 2012 – hell no.  Not until October of 2013.  Legal court records, lawyers visits, changing of addresses for DMV & Voting, groceries lists, bills, gas bills, buying propane, changing addresses from Palmer to Haines, etc, etc, etc, is not enough proof that I was still a resident????  I’ve been trying now for 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Being turned down once again – to hell with them.  $1800 would have been nice to get this month, but apparently I need a lawyer to verify my proof is indeed proof of my residency and I can’t afford a lawyer for this.  I’m not going to attempt it now. Its just not worth it. All these years and I am ousted off the rolls, so be it.  So yesterday, I learned that a few others have or are dealing with similar issues for similar slips.  A slip of the pen and you are out.  I’m delighted to hear they are finally cracking down on those criminally minded folks – but its frustrating for those of us legit people. An omen to move on? Perhaps.
Well, I did not get much done yesterday, except get ads posted. Today, I have been swamped with calls. Out of the variety of things posted, 2 are spoken for, one went early today and got inquiries on the rest.  So tonight before I hit the sack – another box will be unpacked, sorted out and dispensed with, photos taken and hopefully get some research done on how to price things.  Today was my first serious attempt to start selling things.  Not knowing how to price things, I’ve been doing my research. A little bit of guessing is in order.

And it begins..

I’ll have you know, its strange being back into a stick home.  The local residents laugh when I say I don’t know what to do with all this space. Three days of Indian summer greeted us this past weekend – beautiful, stunning weather. So I took some photos.  In the first picture, the end of the building you see on left is my 2 bedroom apartment.  It is packed to the rafters with boxes, some furniture and a whole lot of riffraff – its crazy.

Backside of Senior Village

I am a little overwhelmed with the task at hand.  But in talking with a variety of folks, it sounds like I won’t have any trouble selling my stuff. That’s kind of surprising to hear after learning the snow-birders are leaving in mass right now and will be gone by the end of October.  Never thought of this town being dead in the winter, so someone must be staying.  There’s talk of getting some Ballroom dancing started, they already have Square Dancing started – winter is fun around here. And I have heard they have an eclectic selection of live music that comes to town all thru the winter. Yippee!!!  I love live music.  Apparently, they just had a classical pianist in town. Missed that.  They also put on musicals, plays too.  So this little fishing village is active despite the snow-birders. I won’t lack for things to do – but I knew that. Its Alaska.

View of my rig from apartment

One of the things I learned I can do is post a notice around town to announce when I am having a series of mini-garage sales.  First off, I need to unpack, then make room for a spot in my apartment to start those sales, as they have to be indoor sales this time of the year.  But I need to sell furniture to make room for those boxes to be unpacked.  After a little overwhelming mind-stuck jag – for lack of a better description… I took a deep breath, and reminded myself – there is no better time to deal with it then now. And that is what I am doing.  Each day, another box gets unpacked, the contents sorted out and I have even managed to sell some stuff. Its happening!!!!  Yes!   I haven’t been here for 2 weeks yet and I have made great strides.


I will have to learn the names of the mountains and/or mountain ranges I see from my apartment. Big mountains with lots of hung glaciers on them.

One view out front of my apartment

The mountain seen from front of my apartment is Santa mountain overlooking the waters leading to Skagway. Its a side view of Santa…  The other mountain view not shown due to fog is of Mt. Ripinsky.

Haines Senior Village

This last photo is of the front of the Senior Village.  There are 14 apartments. One must be 55 or older to live here.  Awesome apartments! Spacious beyond anything I’ve seen outside of penthouses.   I laughed when I read the rules… 8 pages of rules mind you.  One of which is: ” Tenants may not wear pajamas, nightgowns, wrap-around robes, and other similar articles of bedroom clothing in the community rooms, lobbies, laundry areas, sitting areas, halls, or other common areas of the project. Proper attire shall be worn at all times in these areas”.  Well… they now need to add one more – may not be naked. Just laughed today….  Its been an interesting day, that’s for sure.  Most of the tenants are in their 50-60’s, just a few in their 80’s. Very interesting who actually lives here… its not what I had expected. But then, it didn’t matter who lived here, just delighted to have this place to sort thru all my stuff.