Hello!  A new blog title for my continual adventures out on the road. As a friend says, I seem to weave a wonderful trail thru life, leaving a wee bit of myself everywhere I go, as if I have woven a trail: of the what if’s; a tantalizing taste of the excitement being on the road; new friendships made; old friendships renewed. How many people have the opportunity to dance a jig out in the middle of nowhere? How about dancing in the rain? Better yet splashing thru a puddle?  I have and I love it!!!  So enjoy my blog

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Melinda….Liz here. Am enjoying your blog, will continue to read… Hope you are enjoying your travels. We made it home in about a week and I am finally thru my re-entry phase, it was the longest we have been gone from the house… I want to thank you for the suggestion of the shower for hair washing…I tried the kitchen sink instead…it worked perfectly as I realized I used less hot water rinsing my hair than I do when rinsing my dishes…thank you.. Learn something on every trip!! xo


    • It was such a delight to meet and get to know you two. Am surprised you had better success at the kitchen sink. I make such a mess there! Laughing here. Enjoy your time at home, but do more then dream about out on the road. See you next year!


  2. Melinda, I love your blog site! And I love your little studio; so glad you were able to get it done. I’d love to see some of your weavings. Can you post some in the not too distant future? I knit, so I can understand your love of the woolyness of your medium. And … hand dyed yarn? Yes yes yes. So glad to have “met’ you!


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