Mother Nature has other ideas

Before reaching Clinton, we got sidetracked by a gas station attendant that guided us to Highway 8 out of Merritt which brought us out just south of Cache Creek. The picture above just doesn’t do justice to how green those mountains were. But 8 follows the river thru these mountains. Apparently in 2017 the river washed out the roads, homes, etc along this route. Most of the road was gravel with sporadic paved but potholed roads. It wasn’t bad driving. Nice diversion too. Except now I have another busted drawer in my galley. This one is below my microwave, The track is broken, magnet does not hold the drawer with all the rough roads. So I finally figured out how to keep it closed when traveling. They built me a box/cabinet around my toilet, it’s the top part that now secures that drawer. It’s a nuisance, but it should stop further damage..

So we got through the crisis that pretty much destroyed the roads in Cache Creek, temps were hotter than blazes, and we found big gulpies of iced tea heavenly when we could find them. We made it to Clinton, BC and stayed in a RV campground for $25, it also had a quirky restaurant. The guythat we paid to sleep overnight was a big Trump fan and loved quizzing any American. Actually think he loved to rile anyone that differed from his opinion. Quite a dinner. But staying in this campground was quiet, which was nice. When we awoke in the morning, a thick blanket of smoke, as if it was fog, covered our view.. Oh but the temps were so much cooler, a simple joy to behold. We headed out, the day was smoky most of the day, but it was high overhead to block the sun and gave up 64ºF temps all day until Prince George and the sun peaked out the temps soared into the 80’s. We are somewhere north of Prince George for the night and we are officially stuck. I don’t normally speak of where we are until after we leave the area. At this point, I will have to leave you wondering what our solution was until we get much further north. You see Mother Nature has us blocked at the moment.

Can’t go west to the Cassiar Highway due to flooding before Hazelton. – we really didn’t want to go that way (been there done that sort of thing), but the flooding sure put a halt to any thinking of changing routes.. We can’t go north, as a wildfire has closed Highway 97 near Fort St. John. We are looking at some secondary roads, which if you have ever traveled in British Columbia, you don’t take these alternates lightly. So we will be talking to the Canadians tomorrow, in depth to see if they are viable. or what are our other options. We do not want to head south. I can tell you all waterways are flooding that we have seen so far. In all the years I have traveled these roads, this has been the most difficult trip so far. But we aren’t giving up, just have no idea what we will do at this writing.

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