The Start

I have been camping at Rosie”s breeder Mom home for a couple of weeks. It has been a wonderful shift from hectic to oh so slow regrouping. Rosie got to meet her sister, nephew, aunts and cousins. they ran and played on over an acre of land. It was a hoot seeing the growth in Rosie. She arrived a bit skittish, especially when all the dogs ran out to greet her. When she left she was one confident lady.She got to see her first wild turkey, deer and a chipmunk and donkey’s. Miniature and full grown donkey’s.

It is here that I really got to learn about my van. I was told my water tank had been filled, it had not. I discovered the water level gauge is worthless, as you can’t see water level at all. So I had no inside gauge either, so I just listened to the water until it was almost done. The air conditioning that’s in my roof over my bed, cools beautifully the bed, but rest of the van is hot! So after much trial and error, I learned to open my Maxx Air fan at same time as a/c. This really helps circulate the air. My stupid fridge, has only one knob for both freezer & cold areas. So of course the freezer freezes, rapid built up of ice. I have already defrosted it twice in 2 weeks. Lots of condensation in the fridge, I need a little fan to move the air. I’m on the lookout for one. My separate freezer unit is awesome, except it comes out cock-eyed on drawer. just the weirdest thing. I will figure out how to fix that in due time. Now I am going to share my royal ass mistake, as I have never done this, but I did it royally…thank you very much. I drove off without unplugging my power cord and it janked it and the box it was plugged into straight out of my van. All that is left are bare wires and some insulation. I called a mobile guy for help and it turns out he goes to Spokane to work on weekends. Well my friends connected with him and he is brining it to me when he comes to work on it. Small bit of luck but will gladly accept it!

It is just blazing hot! No reprieve near either. My friend Cheri is now with me, we are anxious to get going. And so we shall!

3 thoughts on “The Start

  1. A written arrival and pre-departure checklist is a must. As is a careful walk around before driving.
    Worked for us for over 20 years.
    Enjoy your travels. We’ll follow along.
    Ed & Carol


    • Ed I did a shakedown trip before I left on this trip. I had water, everything checked out then. I had one broken drawer then, but was fixed before I left. There’s not much an arrival, or pre-departure checklist would have found or helped. I do a walkabout,


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