A brief update

Back in 2018, before I posted the comments on my travels in September 2018, I had my annual physical. It was a turning point in my life. It almost instantly put me in part-time status vs full timer RVer. Several things happened over a few short months. I bought a park model (a 400 sq ft home on wheels) that became my home base in Washington State. I forever stopped eating meat, fish, eggs, and dairy to save my own life – literally. Without the lifestyle change I would have been hooked up on dialysis to lower my high blood pressure – which I did not know I had until the annual exam. I refused, absolutely refused to have dialysis and I quit eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy – wow! I didn’t know I could do it, but I completely eliminated the high blood pressure and turned my life around by just eating the best food – whole food plant based and no salt, no oil, no sugar (WFPB-SOS). It hasn’t been easy to maintain such an extreme lifestyle, as I got real good falling off the wagon. But I am rather stubborn to master this way of life, as the opposite extreme is going into my elder years having someone tending to my needs, wiping my butt, feeding me – no way do I want that kind of extreme. WFPB-SOS has given me a new zeal for life, energy of a 30-40 year old and a healthy life with no medications, just fantastic food.

I’m a little fuzzy on whether I posted on my trip to Nova Scotia, did not make it to Labrador but will go back one year. Had a blast in Nova Scotia in the Fall. Was hoping to get the best colors for Fall only to be disappointed, I was too early. Well, I had a better sense to get south before the colors would change and high-tailed it out of Canada. When I arrived back to WA – a full set of tires were in order for my RV and that was an expensive project, so parked it for the winter. Then COVID hit.

In 2021, I acquired a new companion after both of my cats died. Meet Rosie, a Soft-coated Wheaten Terrier. More photos to come.

I have not traveled since 2019 and I miss traveling so much. But I sold my beloved Lazy Daze RV in 2022 and turned around and bought a cargo van. A major downsizing event. At the time, there were zero used vans to buy anywhere in the Pacific Northwest – none, nada, zip, no vans. So I ordered a 2023 Ram Promaster 2500. It took 6 months for it to arrive. It has been at <http://CampNCar.com&gt; in Port Townsend since November 28th for a van conversion. I can’t wait to get it. The very start of its build is shown below.

Rosie at 5 months of age in 2021
Start of my van conversion

2 thoughts on “A brief update

  1. OH MY GOSH….so good to hear from you…. sorry to hear you’ve had health issues but certainly sounds like you are taking care of yourself…it is rough getting “on in age” isn’t it? We’ve had our fair share of health issues that took some tending to, but I am writing this from Hot Springs LTVA in southern California…close to the Baja Cali border. We are off to Anza Borrego this weekend to see some flowers after our LTVA permit expires. Back to Portland and real life by end of Feb.

    AND you have a new travel camper and traveling companion?? You are a force to be reckoned with! So glad to hear that you are still wanting to travel. It does the soul good to breath different air and see different sights. Right?

    I’m still knitting…are you still weaving? We are down to our last cat Symon who is a very very good travel cat. Altho’ he is 14 now and has some sort of nasal issue, he is enjoying his life and sleeps with me every night, ONLY when camping mind you.

    Continue to enjoy life, take care of yourself and your new sweet dog…

    Liz Plam (and Glen)



  2. Oh it is so good to hear from you. Pete told me to stay in touch with the Lazy Daze group and that I was welcome to join the gatherings. Do you still go? Or do your own thing? I miss being on the road, so am looking forward to getting back into it. More to follow. Keep in touch.


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