Work continues

The above images show some of the damage to my car windshield from using the Protect-A-Tow.  The window is spotless clean after they fixed 4 major chips.  What you now see is a bunch of white spots.  Those are the obvious dings, to run your hand over the windshield one would feel a mass of pitted glass.   I should have replaced the whole windshield and I may still do so.  Am trying to find a more safe and suitable solution to protect my car when towing. Or towing will cease and desist.

I can’t remember what I wrote last, so this may be a repeat.  I have replaced my Dometic freezer door and added a fan to the back of the unit.  It is night and day different from the previous life with this freezer.  I have in fact, for the first time, been able to turn the level of cold down to 2.  Major improvement.

I had gaskets replaced around the bottom of my side door. Am still looking to find the foam-like gasket that surrounds the frame of the screen door.  I had a luxury item done – had someone else wash and wax my rig – pure unadulterated delight!!!  And a few other little tidbits to maintain my rig.

In between working on the rig, the bikes – I’ve made trips to Seattle – learning the lay of the land without wanting to.  I have a short trip coming up – which I am looking forward to then and only then I hope I can slow down, relax before I head south for the winter.


3 thoughts on “Work continues

    • Yes, that’s why I bought it, as several of my RV friends had good luck with the Protect-A-Tow. Its not just the windshield that was damaged. The hood of my car has some dings and new dents. It must be made for those who only travel paved highways, tho some of my friends do the back roads… I really don’t have any answers, I just see the result of my experience.


  1. Hey Melinda…. sorry we didn’t get time to talk more about weaving. Saori…Misao Jo and Kenso Jo. check it out. Also please forgive me for ditching you at dinner that last night. Glen wanted to continue his chat with Kevin, I humored him. Looking forward to your next post and where you are off to now. hugs. Liz



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