An update

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Have moved to my friends place – hoping to have had better connectivity, but it is fickle at best.  Verizon doesn’t want to work well this year, like it did in the past. Oh well… am too busy to be too concerned about. To write this blog, I have to sit in Cheri’s living room.

We have survived two major moving/garage sales… that task is now done.  She did very well.  Now people are picking up the stuff they bought, then the rest is being hauled off to the dump.  Breathing room is happening… but there is still so much to do, but she can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

And in the midst of this last sale… the rains moved in. It feels like Fall – way too early, but its downright chilly, windy and wet.  Have re-connected with some of my friends… everyone is so busy in the summer, but its neat to see them again.

My next step in the whole process, is to revamp my rig and car to see what else I can take for John & Cheri.  Just need it to stop raining.  In offering this opportunity to them, I’m forcing them to really “think” on what they are taking, as I’m heading south before they do. I have already tucked in all their old photos, that will eventually be scanned into their computer.  And a couple of bags of fiber – yarn and such. Not sure what else will go, but I need to disperse the weight for the trip south.  All in due time.

So I got itchy feet now, to get moving… but can’t go anywhere until after the election. That is the election at Evergreen Coho SKP.  They asked me to run for the board, so I did.  I did this last year and did not win. This year, if I get it, will put my best foot forward and do my best for the park, but seriously, I can take it or leave it.  Nonetheless, they have requested that I be reachable until after the election. OK… think I can stay busy until then.

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