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My trip from Palmer to Haines – it rained 80% of the time.  Nonetheless, it was typically beautiful, but no pictures until I got up into the Chilkat Pass, where I parked for a few days.  All above tree line, snow covered peaks and it was me and the elements – loved, loved it up there. Then dropped down into Haines, but was so reluctant to move on into town, I just parked out along the Chilkat River. Watched the eagles, and a few bears. No pictures of either one of those.  Sorry folks, it was eyes soaking in the sights.

I have been working pretty much non-stop since I arrived, helping Cheri pull everything out for her 1st House & Yard sale. It was a huge success. We had people pouring in before it started and still had people coming in after it was over and no lull in between.  Haines people loved this sale.  At first Cheri was going to follow right behind it and have a “Everything Goes Sale” this past Saturday, thankfully, she did not and is going to do that one on the 23rd of July.  I’m not doing as much as I did before the first sale, as now is the critical thinking of those that live there to decide what goes with them and what sells. I can’t make that decision for them..  Things are hopping over there. They have sold both boats, trailer, etc just this weekend.  Its impressive the amount of work Cheri has done in this short amount of time.

And so… I’m pushing for some play time this week. But first, I am moving my rig to Cheri’s house for the duration of my time here.  Her driveway… is short but steep and I am going to have to back down it.  At first, Cheri thought I could turn around down where they all park, but I just can’t picture it. So backing down is it.  Will take pictures once I get parked. My rig will be under a canopy of trees, some daylight – all is ok, they are letting me plug in.

A couple of observation worth mentioning. I am NOT impressed with Protect-a-Tow. My windshield on my car will have to be replaced, hundreds upon hundreds of small rocks pelted the car and the Protect-A-Tow acted like a netting to collect all the rocks.  I had to empty the netting twice a day, sometimes more often. The rod that stretches across up and over the tow bar, broke – it works but who knows what happened to the parts. The car… such a sad state of affairs. Will figure something else out after this trip.

Another observation. Did you know Canadians come to Alaska to get a suntan?  They are so funny… Lots of Canadians hang in Haines… lots of tanned Canadians this year.

And another observation. A 30-something couple apparently bought all new camping equipment when they arrived in Haines. Tents, sleeping bags, cots, tarps, cooking pots, coolers, I mean everything one little old heart desires or what they thought they needed.  I watched them read the manual(s) for putting up the tent, putting the cots together, even the sleeping bags had manuals. I had a hard time trying not to laugh thru all this, but when they tried to set up their little propane cooktop, I almost jumped out of my rig to go help them, but didn’t. The manual didn’t help them there.  The best little entertainment I’ve had in a long while. Then other RVer’s came in and it because social hour. Interesting enough, this couple apparently didn’t know anything about cooking. They put on what appeared to be sausages right on the grill, turned up the heat and walked away to chat. I’m like, what are they doing?  It didn’t take long before flames were engulfing the stove, the sausages and beginning to char the stump it was sitting on. The guy was so into his conversation even when others pointed out he was burning… finally the gal noticed and yelled out at him.  They had burnt to a crisp sausages and a blackened cooktop, but they ate. I talked to them the next day. They had never been to AK, came from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. They came to fish but supposedly did not have money to stay in a hotel so they bought all this equipment. Ok… 😉  He was concerned about buying fly tying goods, such as feathers, hooks, etc, fearful that he would lose them at the border. This time I cracked up.  They were here for 4 days, it was a delight to hear about their experiences.

And my last observation for this post… In all the years I’ve driven to and fro Alaska to the lower 48 and back again, I have never seen as much RV traffic as I have seen this year.  That in and of itself it not the real interesting tidbit. None of the RV parks are full. None. By June and most definitely by July it would be next to impossible to get a reservation. Not this year. You do see alot of RV’s parked in turn-outs all over the State.


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