Good friends

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Spent the entire day with friends.  I have such an eclectic selection of friends, its hard to know on any given day what to expect.  Today was no different.

Started the day at my friend Connie’s house. When I arrived Connie, her daughter and granddaughter were fast at work watering the gardens, pulling out trees and shrubs for a sale Connie’s sister is having. I immediately got to work, loading the trucks with the goods, labeling each with what they were, price to sell, etc.  When the first batch was loaded, pulled another truck around and started in again.  Connie’s granddaughter showed me her beautiful fairy garden she had made. Wow! What creative minds can do. A spider decided to add to the reality of the garden, by setting up a web at the entrance of the garden. But there were caves, fairies, fairies swinging on swings and climbing trees, a unicorn riding thru the tall grasses… she did not want me to take a picture, but what a joy to see it all pulled together. After a break of homemade lemonade – YUM! They took me around to show me the changes in the yard.  They lost the massive cottonwood trees from a wind storm a few years ago. One of which went thru their living room roof and windows. But it wasn’t until this Spring that they got the stumps out. Wow, that alone has opened it up.  Just fun catching up with them, their families and life in general.  Was invited to go deliver the goods, but I promised to see another set of friends this afternoon.

So off I went back across the valley toward Wasilla.  Long time friends Judy & Marv. Judy & I have known each other thru the world of weaving for many years. She is a production weaver and can really crank out the stuff.  Marv on the other hand…a man who claims he is retired is one of the busiest people I know. Artistic is an understatement. Over the years, it was etching (glass, then later on wood) and water colors, then carvings, then wood turning bowls, but Marv is known for making Navajo flutes. I wanted to buy one back in 2012 but just was not mentally ready to take it on back then.  But today… I am so ready and am so jazzed by having this beautiful Navajo flute in my possession.  Tonight, I went thru the first 5 lessons, but Marv had shown me most of this this afternoon. The 3 of us played together… me, very tentatively, but amazed between my coughing jags that I make beautiful music with little effort.  Oh, so much to learn, but what exciting opportunity. Marv just grinned and said “you have come a long ways Melinda!”.  Yes, I have.

Have more friends to connect with… almost wish I could stay the whole summer instead of heading to Haines. Hey, it will have to happen in another year.  But am loving seeing and being with my friends.

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