Truly Bummed

atb01  This little square of color was done years ago when I was learning how to do Photoshop and I took a picture of a painted warp scarp I had done.  It is a complete one of a kind design.  It is needed today, this bit of color.

My last post, I mentioned I might have come down with pneumonia or something.  Whatever it was, it literally pulled the rug right out from under me. After having one of the worst nights I have ever had, I dragged myself into the ER (should have done it earlier!!!).  Running a low grade fever, but I did not have strep throat, nor did I have pneumonia. Thank heavens.  I asked if I was contagious and the doc said no.  I did want something powerful to cut the damn cough off at its knees.  Doc said I just need to ride out the misery for another week or so and then it would get better.  While waiting at the pharmacy, and no place to sit, I did a little bit of grocery shopping. By the time I came out, I was exhausted. Pharmacies should have a place for patients to sit!!!

Nonetheless, I made it back to my rig. To be greeted by “please get my walker out of your car and I will be gone”. Uh?  Irene was scurrying around, as if in a hurry, as if I had caught her hand in the cookie jar… none of this registered in my brain.  While I was gone to the ER, she apparently called her son to get her out of here?  The short, 5 minutes I had before she was gone – what in the hell is going on???  I knew before we started this trip, that there was a chance that she would fly home early.  I did not expect to not know about this. Nothing led up to this, nothing.  It makes the whole trip seem false, that I was being falsely used for some reason. I thought she was enjoying this trip as much as I. I did not plan to get sick, but sick I was. If I had not come back from the ER in a timely manner – I would have missed her entirely. No thanks, or nothing. Bizarre! As it is, she left everything else, for me to haul back.  What in the world happened??? I suspect I will never know why she left so abruptly.

Well, its been a few days since she left. Still can’t sleep laying down, but at least I can now sleep.  I don’t have the strength to cook or do any kind of prep for food, but have apples and tomatoes to chomp on. Finally able to drink liquids without going into a coughing jag. I got the newsletter finished just a minute ago,  I have taken myself off all drugs.  Using my neti-pot has helped.  And that will be the last of this subject. I’ll be damned if it will keep me down any longer. Got too much life to be living.

My goal now, is get stronger. I still have friends to see in the area, am awaiting mail, but then I will be back out on the road.  I think a good dose of whimsical, laid back relaxed travel, and just aimlessly go is the perfect mode for me.

2 thoughts on “Truly Bummed

  1. Sorry to hear you’re having a rough trip Melinda. Traveling with someone is always difficult, and the older we get, the more set in our ways we are. It just may be that Irene felt helpless to help you and may have thought she was underfoot and a liability at this point. I hope the rest of your trip goes smoothly, that you get your energy back, and that you get back safely.


  2. Jim, I hope I did not imply that traveling with Irene was ever difficult, it wasn’t. We had (I thought) a great time out on the road. Hence the shock of how she left. Her affect once I got sick was flat, non-reactive. She was not underfoot nor a liability and I hope to God that is not how she saw it. She was a great person to travel with… I just wish she had talked to me. But that is hindsight.


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