Friend’s garden

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Earlier this week, we spent the day with my friends, John & Phyllis M. – long time friends of mine that Irene thoroughly enjoyed as much as I.  Phyllis showed us her garden, her flower garden at that. So many flowers I had no idea what they were. Gorgeous! Then there is John’s greenhouse and veggie garden spot.  We had lunch with them, then later in the day we went out to dinner. A fine way to spend a day.

On the picture, inside the greenhouse, there is hanging a “water pipe” clock. Water pipe, they are wooden, were used during WWII out on the Aleutian Island. John makes clocks out of the water pipes while we lived on Adak.

The temperature has turned hot. Melinda has come down with a blasted pneumonia of all things and we are laying low. Doing the bare essentials, such as dumping tanks, refilling the water tank completely wipes me out. It was an all day affair when I can barely hold my head up at the table, as I keep nodding off into oblivion. Forget about walking the trash to their waste basket….forget about eating.. no strength…  and I got a newsletter to put out… Arghh…

I will survive…

4 thoughts on “Friend’s garden

  1. We are so enjoying your travelogue. We can close our eyes and picture us right there. Melinda, we are sending double get well hugs your way. And of course, another two for Irene! Take care.
    Dick and Diane


    • Glad you are enjoying the blog. Appreciate the double get well wishes too. Irene doesn’t seem concerned about sitting around me as I hack, and hack.. Am hoping she does NOT get this.


    • It did indeed pull the plug of energy right out of my vocabulary. But I was more upright today then yesterday, so there’s hope… As you know, I’m too stubborn to stay down for long. Thanks for the wishes.


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