Time off

We made it to the Matanuska-Susitna valley in one day. It was not my intent to keep trucking, but the rain held off and we kept going. When we got to Trapper Creek area, got a bite to eat, got gas I realized we might as well keep going. We weren’t that far from my friends house.  So called and said we were coming in.

It has been years since Irene had been in Wasilla – no matter how I described the changes, I knew the best way was to show her.  So said I would do this once, then never return. There are a few ways of totally bypassing Wasilla – I was so tempted, but hung in to show Irene the area. If anyone wants to know these ways, ask me.  I doubt the maps are up-to-date to show the new paths.  We were on the Parks Highway coming down from Fairbanks, and we continued on the Parks, but just east of Wasilla we hit major construction. Came to a screeching halt, then was in a braking snail pace all the way to the Glenn Highway interchange.  Thank heavens we came in on a weekend and not a week day.  Irene agrees, its a sad state of affairs of the changes.  She mentioned several times that she was happy to have seen it before and I agree 110%.

We made it to my friends house, we are parked along their house. Got 15 amp, access to water and septic. Can come and go as we please… The goat, picture above, belongs to a neighbor, it got loose and was butting heads with the dogs in the neighborhood. That was our wildlife for the week. Laughing here.   The other image is of a neighbors garden.  Explained to Irene that the 6-8 foot fences around the garden area is required in Alaska if you want a garden, otherwise the moose will destroy within one visit. If not by eating it will be by the hooves. The garden is looking real good considering they just planted it right before Memorial Day.  Things grow fast and furious with all the sunlight.

I have been swamped getting my mailing address changed. Then contacting everyone, to stop the flow going into my Haines address, as that box expires at the end of June. It is no longer I simple process…and the Federal regulations requiring a physical address is just ridiculous, even tho I understand the why of it all.  The UPS Store, Mailbox Etc places claim their addresses can be used as a physical address. Well guess what, DMV and the credit card companies demand a true physical address – no mail collecting agencies, so its a no go for those places.  So out of frustration with the whole process, even thinking of going ahead and changing residency… they do not accept the Escapees address as a physical address. Say what???   So have changed course and have retained my Alaska residency once again, with a new address to boot.  What a mess!  But at least this will be done soon.

I am having a blast re-acquainting with old friends. Its like we just saw each other, not years ago. Its surprising to catch them – as summer is the busiest time of the year. As it is, a set of friends are heading off to Cordova for some fiber fun and was invited to go (but can’t take RV), another is out commercial fishing (they do it every year), several are busy in there gardens and visiting with families that have arrived for a visit and all the fishing going on. Just non-stop activities.  Lots of hugs and laughter.  Still need to reach out to others… will do that sooner then later.


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