Mixed bag

Its been a mixed bag of sorts around here.

Discovered these two images of Cheri “fixing” my hemstitching on my scarf.  Its been years since I tackled hemstitching and trying to do it upside down on the loom… well let’s say my progress came to a screeching halt.  Cheri got here and said “here, let me show you what I usually do”. Go for it Cheri, she first un-wove what I had done and started anew.  I watched and learned. Can’t say I ever did it the way she did, but it sure looks nice and neat and well, its a new way.  Its slightly different then what is shown in our “Handwoven” magazine.  But again, this upside down business is for the birds. Laughing here.  This scarf is 100% cotton. More pictures later on this.

I have finished unloading excess stuff out of my rig for the summer travels. Had retrieved several items of Irene’s and have found homes for all her stuff.  The cats are most curious as to what is going on… they know something is in the works.

The Evergreen Coho SKP park has a new logo, the leaseholders voted.  Thought that meant I was done with this task that I did not plan to have… so now they want me to dabble in marketing…. I am backpedaling big time.  Doing some research, but passing it on to those that should know more then I.  Monday, I have to meet with the Marketing Committee to get a starter budget for the year. Again… this person, ME, is feeling like a clueless gopher.  I will draw the line on Monday.  Please, I don’t want to learn this stuff!

In the process of this, I got another Coho Tales, the newsletter for Evergreen SKP, sent off yesterday.  Today, a gal sent me an email stating ownership of said logo that the leaseholders voted for – not, not true at all. That sent me off on another research dig – the day was wrapped around that and not me washing my rig! Aaargh!!!!   As it turns out, the new logo has a similar concept but major changes are in the new logo, they are not alike. Again, another learning curve about copyrights, patents, trademarks, etc.  OK, I’m done with all this.

Did managed to get an hour or so in my shed, reorganizing – more like reshuffling stuff to make room for other stuff.  It will be a whole lot better after I pull the bike, lawn chairs, mats, sun oven, etc and load into my car and RV for the trip. But at the moment, the task of reorganizing the shed is completed.  I also, dumped my tanks, hydro flushed my black tank, added fresh water to fresh water tank.  Whew, what a day… and I just realized I have not eaten today.

So on that note… have a great day!



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