Had a typically great time with my friend Cheri… we scouted out different yarn & fiber stores, different food places, traveled hither and yon… it is just plain dangerous having your best friend around. Laughing here. We get into so much trouble..ere fun when we are together.  Just wish her husband would retire and then they could meet me out on the road. We would have a blast!

Will see Cheri again this summer, but for now, it is once again quiet.  Quiet time is extremely busy for me.  I can’t just sit and do nothing… bike rides, fixing databases, writing newsletter for SKP, promoting new logo and voting on that; to re-stocking, checking off the to-do list, annual physicals, re-organizing space for a second person to travel with me. Yes, my friend Irene, is indeed traveling with me this summer.  Got the car in for an oil & filter and an inspection.  So all the vehicles are almost ready to go. Still plan to wash & wax them before I head north…it won’t stay pretty for long, but gives it an ounce of protection.  We have a deadline to deal with for our trip up, but after that the summer is wide open for possibilities. Irene though, is off to Hawaii to see her daughter before she joins me. So have spent a fair amount of time discovering her likes, ideas, etc about anything to do with RV travel before she heads west. We will have a blast!

BDS is due in sometime before the end of the month… I have not been told when…exactly. No way to plan, so I’m not.  I must be further along in prepping for the trip before BDS gets here, as we have a tendency to talk long hours – not much gets done when talking. So Melinda – just do it!  So I shall.

2 thoughts on “Friends

  1. wordpress is wierd….I typed out a comment but then it didn’t save when I needed to log in, because of course I didn’t have the right password….arrgghhh…

    anyway I just was saying I like reading your posts and what you are up to. carry on, missy. Liz



    • On my old blog on Blogger, that message disappeared every time for me and for others, sorry to hear it happens with wordpress. But you got posted and I appreciate hearing from you. A suggestion for next time – write your message then copy, sign in and then paste it to the new posting.


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