Life is sweet, challenging, educational and complex – but hey, what do you expect – Easy? Won’t find easy around here.

I have spent a great deal of time getting the tow package set up on my RV, brake system installed on the car, bike racks and other miscellaneous related stuff done. Whew!  Two days were ordered up to do the brake system, then the wiring on the RV and adding a light to dash to show the brakes were on.  All seemed to go smoothly until I got into my car to come back the first day. All lights were on the dash were on and the engine was revving at high speeds even though the gauges were not showing any motion. Bizarre!  They took it back into the shop for another 3 hours.  Got that figured out. Had to come back with the car and the RV, enlisted a friend to drive my car. All went well…sort of. The Protect-A-Tow I wanted installed was dangling between car and the rig and definitely dragged on the ground when turning corners.  Way too loose.  So contacted a fellow Lazy Daze friend, who walked me thru how they did it and discovered I wasn’t far off, just needed some minor adjustments.  See image above of it rolled up and with bungee cords to secure it in place when not in use.  So I am a proud owner of a Roadmaster All-Terrain Sterling tow bar, Roadmaster Invizi brake system, Protect-A-Tow, and a full width mud flap.  Costly doing this, but am happy to finally have done it.  It will change how I travel and add a whole new flexibility I did not have before.

So all seemed sweet, busy as norm, but moving right along. Wanted to take my friends Bernie & Caroline to lunch in Port Townsend last week.  We got half way there and the car downshifted. Downshifted?  Its an automatic, why is is downshifting. So pulled over. Nothing seemed amiss. So started again, but could not go forward, reverse or even be pushed to get off the road further. It acted like the brake was engaged.  Totally turned everything off then restarted. All of a sudden, the car started moving, but not in relation to the gears. This is weird.  So called for a tow truck, and another friend to come pick up Bernie & Caroline. Got hauled back to Eric’s RV in Sequim, as it has to be something with the brake system they installed.   I had them stumped.  After a full day and a morning, they figured it out.  The drivers side floor mat had slipped up under the brake pedal and engaged the brake system.  Who would have thought a floor mat could cause so much trouble?  All is well now, thankfully.

The latest challenge has been finding a decent bike rack.  I had one, I liked it alot, but it fell apart inside the hitch. And to secure a bike on a rack that is swinging wildly back and forth as you go down the road – is just impossible!  Tossed that.  Found another, similar in style, the same thing happened.  This one I tried to get it fixed. That was not worth my time. So found another two weeks ago… nice, sturdy and it holds 3 bikes, one more then I need.  Then I quickly discovered, it was truly a pain in the ass to lower/move out of the way to open the hatch on the car.  If you try hauling someone with a walker, having to adjust this several times in one day – no way.  So it is now for sale, the other image above.  I finally just put some money in a bike rack and I should have done this from the git-go. Love my new bike rack!

Ok, so now… I won’t know for another week, maybe two weeks out at the max. But I have invited a friend, a young eighty-eight year old woman to join me on my trip to Alaska. So am at a point, I can now take a break until I hear back from her on whether she is going or not.  Then will start packing accordingly.  In the meantime, my long time friend, Cheri, is coming in for a few days.  Then BDS arrives sometime after that.  So its play time!

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