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Touch of Spring

Whoa!  Time is flying by.  I made it back to Washington 3 days after I last posted.  I really lucked out going thru the passes/grades, as I had sunshine and dry pavement.  Very little wind, but as the entire trip north proved out, the storm(s) were on my heels. Less then a hour in passing thru any given area, reports came in telling me  I should just keep moving on due to winds/rain and snow approaching. So I did.

Got back and immediately got swamped in life.  A question I had posted on the last newsletter was whether or not the SKP should get a new logo.  Didn’t expect anything but a few comments here and there, so was quite surprised to be sent a dozen different logo designs.  That was before I got back here.  Get here and the word had spread at that I had received the logos and everyone wanted to see them.  Well…that snowballed into a new movement and me the committee. Can I get anyone to step up to help me…oh no, just the typical grumpy people trying to resist change – trying to get me to back away.  But everyone else is excited about the prospect of an identifying logo for this park. We have some fabulous talent within the leaseholders… so am going forth.

And between logos, annual physical, other doctor’s appointment, I am getting the final part of the towing package done.  I have the new Roadmaster Invizi Brake system installed, even added a hitch to my car so I can haul my bike. Tomorrow, will take both car & RV to finish the wiring (the RV needs a 7 pin plug vs the 4 that is standard), plus a light added to dash to indicate brakes are on, plus a Roadmaster Sterling tow bar.  I had previously had them install a switch that turns off a fuse, plus other wiring, plus the base plate.  In addition, they will give me a mini-class on towing, hitching up and unhitching before I will be let go. I am so jazzed about this opportunity to be towing.  I have done quite well these last 4 years without a toad (car), but now I won’t have to ask for a ride to go someplace, I can go alone or return the favor to another.  I got a great deal with this Roadmaster dealer, for this whole package. Saved me a couple of thousand dollars… nice.  In addition to this, sources at Quartzside suggested & demonstrated a protector – so I ordered and will have it put on a Protect-a-Tow. That’s a brand name, look it up.   So yes, it a brand new start in the type of traveling I do. A good thing.

In April, my friend Cheri is stopping in for 5 days.  I will try… well maybe try to behave myself… attempt to stay out of yarn stores… well… I’d be lying, as Cheri is a perfect excuse to go exploring and we do it so well together. Smirking here.  Then later in that month will set eyes on BDS… or so I am told.  It will be a fun month!

I will be heading north in May.  North to Alaska once again. Can’t wait, I miss it so much. But this time, it is all play.  So I made an offer to a gal here in the park if she wanted to join me.  She is a young 88 year old woman, a pro at boondocking, and she never thought she could return to Alaska.  To say she is excited is and understatement. I suspect, I will learn a thing or two from her.  So am working thru the details as we speak. Going to be a fun summer.



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