A surprise of great magnitude, water.  I now have my own water spigot.  I really did not expect this, but am so jazzed that I got water at my site.  Considering the job, I paid only $35 – parts, labor was free and donated by the fellas in the park.  The guy in the cowboy hat is the manager of this great boondocking park.  But to have my own water…how cool is that?    I have had to seek out water and/or dump sites (will still have to do this) when I needed to do either. No big deal, but one has to move the rig each time.  So yippee!!!

I was donating a whole lot of water to these fellas. Yesterday, they dug so many holes just trying to find the water line.  It was not where they expected it to be as the hot, hot sun beat down on every shovel full of dirt. Hard compact earth, across the road, into the thorns, etc., etc. End of the day, they did – hence the saw horse marking the hole.

So today, the manager came with his trench digging machine. Never seen one in action. Pretty darn cool if you ask me… although it was tough to get a straight line – the water line is in and I have zero complaints.  The fellas in the park, came back to fill in the hole. Lots of jokes about the inverted speed bump now.  Speed limit in the park is a mere 5 mph. They might get stuck in the inverted speed bump. Laughing here.  They mounded it to over 8″ above the surface…but it packed down quickly.

So no weaving… got to get back to work.

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