Rising temps

I realize it is suppose to be hot in the desert, but it is February folks.  This should be a delightful 70ºF vs 90ºF in the daytime.  Grump, grump, grump….

Well for now, will ride these higher temperatures out, as not too far north of here, temperatures are in 30’s. Its hard to believe winter is affecting everyone but us in the southwest and in Florida. Crazy weather that’s for sure.

So far the cats are doing ok, but are laying low, zero activity. I have the next project on the loom, but forgot to take a photo… will do that for the next posting. The grey rendition of towels I had planned to put on, it was canceled by me. The thought of putting on 22 inches in a small space on a hot day was a major turnoff. so I put on 8.5 inches of scarves.

Life in the desert is much slower… such as washing clothes yesterday, hung to dry in my rig – they were dry in less then one hour. Getting a bike ride in daily, sometimes twice a day (before it got too hot), visiting with folks when I encounter them, but generally enjoying my own peace and quiet. And working on my loom. Did a wee bit of spinning of fiber too.  Went to the grocery store today with Ed, 1/2 of a couple I know from Chimacum, WA, learned a little bit more about Ajo, where to find things, etc. Thankfully he was driving today, as I picked up 3 packages – no way would I have gotten them back to my rig on my bike nor by walking in this heat. So that helped immensely. I have made an appointment for next week in Mexico for some fine tuning on my teeth work. My immediate neighbor volunteered to take me down, so I don’t have to drive my RV down.  For his effort, will buy him a brunch if he accepts it. Friendly folks around here.

The 3 packages contained air compressor, charger and 25 foot charging cable. All discussed at Quartzside that I was overdue getting.  I’ve done it now. Thanks to Roger for demonstrating each aspect of it when we were fine-tuning my digital tire pressure gauge. A good lesson. I always learn something new around my Lazy Daze clan. Thanks guys!

Learned today about the flowering of this desert. I now know, I have to be out of here before all these creosote bushes go to flower. Apparently, it draws thousands of bees (honey bees) as well as the more aggressive African bees.  I am surrounded by creosote bushes… no escaping bees.  So will have to inquire when it normally happens, then watch carefully. Everything is happening sooner with all this heat.  In the meantime, will just keep weaving..  Have a great day peeps!

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