Desert (updated)

Well…the furnace is heating up, that is the desert. The day time highs are in the mid to high 80’s. Thankfully, the nights do cool down to the low 50’s.  I moved my rig, so did a few others. A fella with the two colorful rigs, moved in next door.  Or I think it is one guy. Haven’t met him yet. Hmmm…might re-think where I’m parked. The space I took, is a wee bit tight for me, but I presently have my rig angled so my side door does not get the afternoon heat until almost the last hour or so. Therefore it is much cooler. And my loom side of the rig, gets early morning sun, but not the heat of the day.

Speaking of weaving. The heddles I had ordered. Not getting. They are backordered and no clue when they will be available. So must wait until I am parked somewhere longer. Or might use my friend Cheri to have them sent to her and I can pick up later. Will have to think on this one.  So in the meantime, I put my warping wheel together this afternoon. I am putting on Ansel Masters – a grey scale rendition of towels. Something I have wanted to play with, so have figured out the structure, the yarn (dark grey, medium grey and a light grey).  They will be gorgeous…

It is all quiet with Ruth gone, but one of the fellas she befriended, Jim, has come knocking twice now. He was relatively close to me before, so when I moved he thought he had done something to make me move. Other then watching him practice fly fishing in the desert, I had no inkling of who he was. Well, he’s been over twice now. Apparently, my actions have stirred the pot, sort of speak..  I have apparently parked in what I now refer to as a “man cave” of tents and rigs – all single guys.  A quiet bunch, so far, but via the grapevine, I heard my moving to my new spot, caused quite a stir. Laughing at that… I still haven’t seen who the “men” are… time will tell.

So the sun is setting, the wind is stirring… think I will go get a short bike ride in, nope, its already set. Its too hot to do it in the daytime now.  Wee hours might be better for a longer ride. So will do it again in the morning.

This morning, after my bike ride – I met all of my immediate neighbors, which are 3 fellas. Interesting fellas at that. All are full timers, semi-retired, and crazy as a fox!  Laughing at the latter, as all prefer to spend year around in the desert southwest – AZ or NM.  They do move to the higher country in the summer, nonetheless this is where they prefer to live. One of them has ever traveled northward and he spent one summer in Idaho.  He talked about how cold he was. I just laughed… nice enough neighbors and they are seemingly happy that I am their new neighbor.

The park has filled up dramatically in the last 24 hours. There’s a Tear-drop convention happening right here. There will be live music Saturday night… an unexpected treat.

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