Goodbye Quartzside, what fun was had by all.  Some great new friends, new ideas, and a whole lot of new information to process.  I was going to head for the Escapees park in Yuma, but instead have moved to the border.  I was given several suggestions on who to see in Los Algodones for dental, etc… in the end I went with Baja Dental and am pleased as punch by the service and the quality of work. And what an awesome price. They take credit cards, checks or cash. Far better then some of the other places – which only took cash, as there is no ATM anywhere near the border and when you do find one, it charges you big time to get cash. So I appreciate alternate ways of getting work done.

What I did not expect in Algodones was a flood of memories from my years living in Italy. The bargaining, the onslaught of people trying to get you to buy trinkets, purses, and what-have-you’s.  What a hoot! Discovered, I still have ability, know-how to get a steal. They were running after me to offer me a better price. Loved it!  As it is, I walked away with a real leather pouch and a handwoven backpack – $22.  Heck of a bargain on both, little alone getting both at that one price. So did my heart good and had a blast doing it all. Attempted to find postcards for Ruth, as she is sending them to friends and family, but none were found.  I will make a point to return in the future. Such a fun time.

So we are heading East tomorrow morning. Trying to beat weather moving in Saturday night. High winds are due in Sunday – no matter where I would like to venture – so will find a place to hunker down for a few days. Time will tell where that will be…

In the meantime, I have my homework cut out for me. Homework, you ask?  Yes, I want to invest in an inverter for my rig. So I need to figure out my base line amps. In addition to that, I am still trying to get a doctors appointment in Seattle area. So far, am batting zero. Appointments are not now available until September, and this is far past my deadline. Specialist are downright hard to come by…it is a very precise condition that needs a particular kind of doctor – or I am wasting my time. So I keep trying.

So on that note…have a great day!

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