The Q

The Q is short for Quartzside, that is Quartzside, Arizona.  One of the gathering places of the Lazy Daze family. Every January, you will find a group parked on BLM land south of the big tent having a great social, laid back, task masters at work, fun gathering.  Need work done on your Lazy Daze – someone will teach you how to do it or do it for you, depending on the job.  Or as I often do, just listen and learn.  There is always something to learn, something to see, meet new people or meet old friends.

Its has been 3 years since I was at my last gathering here. Delighted to see many old Lazy Daze friends, as well as meeting new ones. Its like old home week, catching up with everyone. There hasn’t been as much work done on the rigs this time. I suspect due to the fact Linda L would not let John L come. Laughing here.  Nonetheless, I have once again been reminded of a feature that intrigued me in the past. This time, I think I will add it on my way back north. More on that later.

In the meantime, my friend Ruth, who I mentioned in my last posting. It will be one week tomorrow that she has been with me. This RV life has stumped her on many levels. It will take time, but again she does not have to know everything either. In the meantime, I go behind her to complete a few of the tasks – such as more water on a #2. Smiling here. It’s no big deal.  I believe she is enjoying herself, so I must be doing something good.  And she has had a blast buying tons of beads, checking out gems and rocks at the Big Tent. So yes, I think she is indeed enjoying herself.

While she is off playing, I have been tackling my weaving in earnest. Two days ago, I un-wove, un-tied, un-sleyed, un-threaded the heddles all the way back to the lease sticks. Its been a “dog warp from hell” almost from the beginning. It will not get the best of me, or it will die – laughing off my frustration! Am happy that I decided to undo everything versus just cutting the sucker off. A glutton for punishment doing it this way, but I really did not want to waste the yarn. So am fixing the problem today and will once again rethread the heddles, re-sley the reed and tie on once again.  Promise pictures of a woven item for the next posting.

So life boondocking is still quite enjoyable… Boondocking means off the grid, no utilities, no hookups. Trusting my solar panels to recharge my batteries each day is a given. Love the quiet of the desert.  Love being back out on the road.

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