Do you know how wet, wet is?  I bet you are thinking rain is wet, shower water is wet… but do you realize condensation is the wettest? Egads, it has been an eye opener…  Washington State gets rain, but rain is not the problem. Humidity… I guess its high, as things stay wet even when no rain has fallen in hours upon hours.  But that is all outside stuff.  I’m talking about inside, inside my rig to be exact.

Heating with propane adds moisture to the air. Cooking adds moisture to the air. Bathing add moisture to the air. Breathing add moisture to the air. When the inside is as wet as on the outside, there’s no evaporation of moisture. So one gets major condensation. A drippy, soggy mess. I knew I had some minor condensation issues – most all of us do at one time or another, but was not expecting mold and mildew to show itself. It showed itself to every RVer the week we had non-stop hard rains for 24 hours per day. Mold & mildew was only apparent in my cab, no where else in my rig thank heavens. Whoa tho!  I am very allergic to mold & mildew, this just won’t do.

Vinegar to the rescue. 100% vinegar at that. Instant kill! And it magically dried in a short amount of time. Have had zero problem of mold or mildew since, but I scrubbed with vinegar into every nook, cranny & crevice I could find.. the rig has not been this spotless since I bought it.

It is still wet… so have purchased dehumidifiers. There are good ones, not so good ones and the worthless ones. I have 3 different kinds of dehumidifiers in my rig at this very moment plus my little Pelonius electric heater going all the time. They will run until I leave here in a couple of weeks.

Looking forward to heading south…

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