Ebbs and flows

Just so darn busy… but I see an end in sight and am happy about it all.  Its been 6 months since I hit the road in my RV. During that time have made many friends, volunteered for all kinds of goodies (music, dancing, etc), and have thoroughly enjoyed the surrounding areas. It has been a great place to be “stuck”.

Last week, I finally had the long anticipated medical board exam. I couldn’t have been luckier. The doc was fascinated with my history and asked all the appropriate questions – that is so unusual, I left that exam feeling so positive about it all. Of course, I need to wait for the findings now… but either way, it was a good thing, no matter how it turns out. Learned alot from the experience.

So the other night, as I was walking back from the dumpster, I found another Lazy Daze in camp. Stopped by and was immediately floored by who it was. Lorna, who was in charge of the LaDeze (ladies of the Lazy Daze family) when I first went full time. That was such a fantastic learning experience, will always be thankful. So I shared happy hour with Lorna and her friends – all up from Sierras. Wow! Unexpected pleasures.

I absolutely love, love, love the Pacific ocean.  I’m here, with very slow wifi (unable to load images), but thrilled to be here.  I love the crashing of the surf, the breezes, the smells of the ocean, and walking in the surf.  This morning, at the crack of dawn, I went walking on the beach, hoping to be alone to let my senses absorb the beauty of it all. Had that peace for just a little while, then others started joining me. As it was, it was ok. It is awesome to be here.

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