Summer stretches

Ah what a busy summer… dances continues, music keeps flowing and I don’t have much to talk about. That’s odd.  Well, let me think about this for a second… I’ve been doing alot of online searching for towing options. Yes, I’ve decided to tow my car when I leave this Fall. Have quizzed many of the folks here at the park as well. So to start, I ordered a baseplate for my car. It is occupying space in my car until next week, when I get it installed, as its too heavy for me to get in or out of the car. The rest will fall into place soon.

While doing all that research, I re-started dabbling in genealogy once again. Its been awhile since I did that.. find it just as addicting as before.

The VA process is active now. Am awaiting the actual appointment for the medical boards. Got the letter, just need the phone call and I will be heading in – hoping its not in Seattle, but on this side of the pond.  In the meantime, I am following up on consults for a variety of things that need to be checked. Getting it all done, so I will be free to go this Fall. Yippee!!

Let’s see… oh, I have finally decided to rip up the carpet in the rear of my rig and put down new carpet vs putting down laminate. Carpet is a better insulator and these floors get cold in the winter. Got some excellent tips on quality sources in this region. So will be acting on that soon.  Am thinking of taking my loom out of the rig and making a work station instead. Not absolutely positive on this yet, but am leaning toward it.

So the summer is flying by me right now. Probably a good thing, but I wish I could escape to some remote location to hibernate, regroup.  Oh but it will happen, just not as soon as I would like.  Best get all this done now, so I can go play.

Coho Days, here at Evergreen Coho SKP park, starts the 1st and will last for one week. Tons of activities, raffles, crafts, parades, feasts, you name it and its happening. Plus live music coming in a week from Saturday.  This place is hopping and its booked solid. This is my first time being here for it.  Normally, I’m still in Alaska this time of the year.  So it should be fun.

Close up of stained glass fishes

Close up of stained glass fishes

Wanted to show the fishes in the above photo. A friend of mine, worked all winter making the stained glass fishes in her shed here at Evergreen Coho. They are now laid into her patio. Its a large oval with a center grey tiles for a table to sit.  Very creative. The flowing line is a copper strip.  Nice job Sheri!

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