Foot in mouth disease


Blooming flowers along side Clubhouse

Didn’t your Momma teach you to say NO!!! Laughing here, as I volunteer once again.

The Documents committee has been so very time consuming, enveloping, fascinating, challenging.  Last Friday, we presented all our work to the Board of Evergreen Coho RV Park. We started at 9 am, took a hour lunch break and finished up at 3:30 pm.  I was shocked we were there that long! It felt like a couple of hours.  All had been received with rave reviews – can’t say I’ve ever seen anything as positive as that on bylaws, standing rules, etc.  So yes, the team got a well reserved round of applause.  Now to fine-tune/add updates from meeting and get it sent out to the leaseholders of this park. In August, it will be voted on by the leaseholders at the annual Board meeting. Whew!

So in all this work, I started getting approached by all kinds of people, some whom I had not met before but knew their faces, others in random gatherings. Then I learned I was not the only one being approached.  They are seeking 3 new board members. Again, I am surprised they wanted me on the board… so went seeking info (pros, cons, whys, etc.) from a variety of people. Some who tried to talk me out of it, to others who begged me to get on – what’s this all about? I don’t know.  But the more I listened, the more I realized the majority are as jazzed by the happenings within this park as I.  Its very positive, if not downright exciting. So.. I submitted my application on Monday morning.  A bit of insanity…

Take me away now… please.

Not so fast girly… way back in March 2015, I mentioned a possibility of getting some dances started in the clubhouse. Weeks went by, nary a word and the fella who gave me this tip, was never found back in the park. That is until Saturday night. Shock to see him. Found out my phone number is still in his back pocket of his coveralls, his ex did not know about our conversation. Well, lo and behold, Sunday, I got to meet her. She has graciously offered to give 4 dance classes and one final dance after classes here in the clubhouse. They could teach anything, but we settled on Swing dancing.  So guess what I’m doing… yes, I’m coordinating this whole thing.  Right now, have a survey/poll out to see who is interested.  Final tally is not until Friday, but there’s now, no doubt, it will happen. Wow!

So any treatment for Foot and Mouth Disease?  Oh I know, its called hit the road… soon… yes soon.

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