Work and play


A fitting quote for all!

Work? You ask… think volunteer work. One sure can get overwhelmed quickly in volunteering. It is relearning how to say NO!  Egads, I had forgotten that.  I think I had previously mentioned I had taken on the Welcome packets for the Coho park and the Laundry collection – both basically no-brainer jobs, but time-consuming.  I tried to resign from the Laundry job last Tuesday, when I tangled with a horrible bully. I do not have any tolerance for people like that, have a tendency to speak my mind, stand my ground – which is a huge improvement over previous encounters, but I was so stressed by that encounter… I went back to my rig and tried to regroup, got into a meditative state. And life goes on… The Documents committee though, has turned out to be a wonderful challenge. Nothing like getting educated!!! Will continue with this for long time coming. In the midst of all this… I have been to two concerts – one a Celtic band, the other Big Band. Both were enjoyable. Went to the Rhody Festival parade last weekend. For such a small town, they had bands from all areas of Washington State. About 113 entries.  Fun, fun times were had for all. The streets were lined heavily in people.  People even put their chairs out 4 days in advance to get “their” best seats. Some of the pictures from that parade are posted below.


Beautiful ’56 Chevy, in primo condition!


Bicycle for Two




One of many floats

One thing I wanted to do all winter was to get back into dancing.  I finally got around to call to inquire about dance classes in the area. The gal that answered the phone has quite literally given me the boost, the inspiration I needed to go for it. One day, I hope to meet her. Thank you Janice Eklund!!! So I am taking East Coast Swing classes and oh my…. I love it!  It sure looked simple online, but there’s far more than just moving your feet to slow, slow, rocker step, rocker step.  It is a simple joy to learn one’s body is still capable of dancing and dancing quite well. Guess what I’m doing all summer!!!  Saturday night am going to Zydeco/Cajun dancing to live music at the Grange in Port Townsend. Should be fun!

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