Stationary Life

Yes, I am tardy in posting to my blog… going to concerts, participating in committee meetings, going out to get lost, meeting new friends out on their boat, dressing my loom, research, laundry.  And that is a nutshell version of the last few weeks.

And trying to work out the new quirks of this blog on WordPress.  I was tired of the old blog when posting comments, which frequently escaped into cyberspace without much ado. I figure if I had problems, many others did as well. WordPress, hopefully, will eliminate that problem.  The other problems I had with the old blog was getting a better background color, putting a frame around an image, heck getting a collage of images was impossible.  At one time, I wanted to put a slide show on, but never figured that one out.  So am starting from scratch once again.  So bear with me, as I work thru this different format. Changes will evolve, change and be bold to calm and back again as I play. And play is what I want to do.

I need to transfer the “blogs I follow” over to here, as well as figure out how to post images. To check out new widgets to add, change or alter. And will eventually, add a sub folder to show my weaving, spinning and/or dyeing.

So for now welcome to my new blog…

4 thoughts on “Stationary Life

  1. I like the new header! (And the name.) I don’t have a blog, so can only imagine the trials and tribulations (but I do have a computer, so I can imagine for a reason…).

    One note: I think you want to say “through” and not “thorough”?


  2. Congratulations on the new blog and format! Looking good so far. WordPress will give you far more options and control once you learn their way. Looking forward to seeing how you weave the trails.


    • Thanks! Hoping to have some freed up time here soon, to start playing with it more. As for how I will weave the trails, let’s just say in as many ways as possible. Laughing here.


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