Decisions to be had…

As my niece once said, “Let’s do it!”

Ok my dear friends who follow this blog… its down to two names:

Weaving’ and Leaving’  or Woven Trails

Which one?  When I mention the first choice, it always brings a chuckle out of people – heaven only knows what they actually think, but that is what they do.  Woven Trails is just an easy name.  Both are clear and open – I’m not stepping on any toes by using either name.

And my niece, who is now a grown woman, was instructing us on how to lead a parade in the photo above. She might shoot me for posting it, but it just seemed appropriate for this occasion.

So… you have until Monday night, basically cause I won’t have time to work on this until Tuesday, at the earliest.  You apparently want me to continue this blog… so help me decide the name, please.

What am I up to… besides the mundane chores such a laundry…  I had mentioned I had volunteered here in Evergreen Coho SKP. Originally it was going to be on Lot Management, but as of Wednesday, I am part of the Documents committee, an ad hoc group.  Fascinating job.  They are presently working on proofreading bylaws, policies and procedures, then cross checking between all of these, clarifying. What an education! And surprisingly, I am immensely enjoying the task!  I’m still doing Laundry monies, and I took on the mundane chore of stuffing welcome packets for the front office.  I find the stuffing job a time to zone out. I put on some quality music in the background and I completely zone out. Only problem, it doesn’t last long. But its a nice break from the “busy”.

Tonight… I’ve been invited to go to the Big Band concert in Port Townsend. First live music event I’ve been to since the 70’s.  It will be interesting, but I relate Big Band music to my parents era, not something I would normally listen to. But a did a wee bit of search and found this is a big event with musicians from around the world that clammer to play at this gig.  So will report back on this.

Then Saturday, I’m heading back into Port Townsend for the gallery walk. An event that happens once a month. Again, a wee bit of research, and have learned this is a very popular place to experience the art and culture of the area. Bring it on!!!

And Sunday… will be working on my loom.

And Monday, I’m driving Ed & Jolene via ferry to La Conner, so they can pickup up their boat, which they will sail back to Port Hadlock (which is close to here). Will get to experience La Conner, which is a real artsy place from my understanding.

And that is a nutshell version.

7 thoughts on “Decisions to be had…

  1. First, let me thank you for writing your blog – I have been enjoying it for a year or two (found it when I was Lazy Daze shopping, although I ended up with a different RV).

    Of the two, I think I'd vote for Woven Trail. Weaving and Leaving has a slightly negative connotation to me. Maybe not totally logical, as I love to travel, which of course requires “leaving,” but it somehow reminds me of hit and run or something (I did mention it's not logical!).

    On a second note, if you do go with Weaving and Leaving, I wouldn't put apostrophes on the ends unless you leave off the final “g's.” Otherwise they don't really make sense. So, Weaving and Leaving or Weavin' and Leavin' I still prefer Woven Trail though 🙂


  2. Am enjoying this kind of busy – it's different, challenging and fun rolled up in “busy”. No complaints here. Stay tuned to which title I use, thanks for your feedback.


  3. Anonymous – thanks for writing! The negative connotation is so noted, as I have said before – I'm not leaving, but rather going. I just haven't been able to come up with a name about going or that hasn't already been taken. My spellchecker won't let me write weavin' or leavin' easily, hence it was changed again, but you are correct on the apostrophes. Yesterday, I was leaning on 'Roadtrippin' Weaver', which fits me better, but its almost too common. I'm not a common person. I even like 'Uncommon Elements', but it is also taken. Did not realize this would be such a challenge!


  4. Just responded privately to you, not realizing you posted here as well. But Woven Trails is the intended title if it is chosen. And Weaving a Life has previously been considered and it is taken. And you or anyone still has time to throw a wrench into this title search, as I love the feedback!


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