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Victorian home in Port Gamble

The saga of renaming the blog continues, I have listed some viable names below.  So once again, I am asking for your feedback. Please.

a) Weft and Shuttle
b) Woven Trails of the Traveler
c) Traveling Thrums
d) RV Weaving Yet!
e) Weaving’ and Leaving’
d) Woven and Rovin’   (Roving Weaver is already used)

Have received some great names from several. The Australians and New Zealand folks have already used the majority of the great ideas for names. Laughing here. Not surprised.  Woven Journey Too won’t be used, too close to the origins.  Several of the titles given – are already taken.  The above titles are not used elsewhere.

I have been so very busy here.. in Chimacum.  Some potential exciting news is unfolding as I speak. The American Legion wants to take on my case to pursue 100% disability for me with the VA. This came about when I had expressed frustration that I couldn’t be seen at Bremerton Naval Hospital. A lame excuse that I don’t live within 40 miles of the said hospital – same region, but not close enough. And besides, they ship out Retirees to civilian land for medical. Except Tricare won’t pay for it most of the time – its a costly adventure for my pocketbook. For the last 3 years, I have learned that veterans can’t be seen outside of their region (not even for an emergency) at any military hospital. I couldn’t even get lab work done. Had to do lab work elsewhere and Tricare would not cover the expense – hence it was out of my own pocket. I have always used military hospitals – until the war that is, that care petered out rapidly.  I had chosen military over VA originally.  So… I learned today, that I still have access to the VA. Wow!  I now have the proper document to move this along.  And am now tied to this area until the case goes before the VA for compensation.  But now I know I can get medical care via the VA. This is huge deal for me.

I repeat, I won’t be going to Nova Scotia like I had wanted to this year. I will be able to do short trips, but no lengthy trips out on the road until this gets settled. At least initially. Once I get thru all the medical evaluations I will or should be more free to travel. Time will tell. But I am just blown away by all that I have learned. They initially thought I was a candidate to receive both VA & Military compensation – but I am once again a unique case, in fact only the 2nd case this American Legion has ever dealt with. This presents unique twists that just floor me to the possibilities, such as I may get back pay to 1979.  So yes, this is important enough to keep me off the road for the moment.

So I’ve volunteered within Evergreen Coho SKP park, not that I don’t have enough to keep me busy, but because one should volunteer, so I am.  Many wanted me to be secretary for the Lot Management group, but I’m no secretary – never have been and don’t want to learn. So I’m part of two – Laundry and Documents groups. The Laundry is to collect monies from washers and dryers, count, wrap and document.  The Documents group, I will learn more today, in fact in less than 30 minutes. But from my understanding, its the group that evaluates each and every document that passes thru the committees within this park. Will learn more soon.  That is the last of my volunteering now.

Hansen E-Spinner factory

And with great excitement… visited Hansen E-Spinner factory, got my E-spinner fine tuned and was thrilled to learn about this amazing company. To see guts of this places, all the tools designed by them and see it in action was simply jaw dropping technology.  This is 2nd favorite tool I carry (my loom is my favorite).  And they are real close to me here in Chimacum.

And my first project in a long time, is now going onto my loom.  Yes!

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  1. You are the 3rd person to like Weaving' and Leaving'. It is similar to Weft and Shuttle. The latter, which has a double meaning, both relate to weaving and travel. I like the latter more then Weaving and Leaving…as I'm rarely leaving places, but rather I'm going. But I see pros and cons to all of the names – hence my request for help in naming the blog


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