Brief chat!

Tim’s sunflower

Ok, the picture above is of Tim’s sunflower, made from combine equip, rebar and other miscellaneous farm equipment. I’ve carried this in my rig for the last 1 1/2 years, it now adorns this little patch of dirt outside my shed. Since this picture, I have pulled the weeds, changed out the mat, finished organizing my shed.   Might plant some tulips and daffodils here. 

Not good!

Guess what I found? This picture is of my cover for my passenger side rear tires. Its not cracked all the way thru the vertical, but its a long crack nonetheless, dead center of the cover. Hmmm…

A bit of surprising news. My surge protector is now reading 122 at my new lot. Whereas at my old lot, the low was 127 (with high at 132).  Am I thinking correctly, that the old lot might have an issue vs my surge protector being the issue? I will ask Progressive tomorrow this very question.
Folks are heading north, due to it being too hot down south. A lot of folks came in this weekend, all glad to be back to cooler climes.
I got 3 days left on my rental car. I’m going exploring once again. Will try to take some photos.

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