Spring Cleaning of sorts

What are they?

The saga on the hard wired surge protector continues. I talked with Progressive Industries EMS and did all the steps & tests leading up to… needing to take the entire control panel down, including the breakers, etc. That brought us to a halt.  The guy that was helping me is not a bonafide electrician and did not want to tackle that task, as the surge protector is smack dab behind it under my kitchen cabinet. Tight fit, etc.  But from all that was determined was most likely a resistor died and the motherboard needed to be replaced, which would have to bring down the control panel then. So I just got the motherboard in the mail today. Funny thing… I have had zero high voltage readings since then. Coincidence?  I don’t know, but I had non-stop problems for 8 days and then it stops being an issue since we did these tests?  So may be returning the motherboard, as my readings are well back into the normal range. But will talk to Progressive before I do. So the saga continues.

In the meantime, the water filter housing came in and it is now working like a charm. No more water issues. Yippee!!!  Gosh, its been busy around here.  I have ventured over to my storage unit to find my shelving I kept. Brought them over, organized my shed, took a car load of stuff out of my shed and took back to storage unit, as the shed is not insulated. Which prompted me to re-think the lot I am in. Since my arrival here, I walk daily, sometimes I walk 2-3 times around this place. Even with the rental car I have, I prefer to walk. So I am getting a good feel for this place. 
My typical self when I don’t know something is to boldly ask. I’m not afraid of asking stupid questions. My curiosity gets the best of me at times, so in walking the park all these days, I started noticing different features of the structures. Then noticed different features between lots. Then noticed… and trust me, once I start, the questions just start flowing. It just fascinates me to no end on this kind of stuff.  This park had a big change over last summer – so what am I seeing that’s from the old management and what is of the new? It is interesting to say the least. Glad I bought into this place last year. So all this education, I decided to switch lots. For $5, one can switch lots. Now one must pay the difference between improvements and no improvements, and if an even trade, its just $5.00. Can’t complain there. I mainly wanted to switch directions on how my rig is parked in relation to sun, winds, etc. But I also paid attention to sheds. As I would like to eventually, have a double shed (200 sq ft total space) to make my weaving studio. This is for down the road, but knowing the cost to build – do I take an existing double shed or get a single and build to my specs later. I took the latter choice. The new lot is an insulated shed with built in shelves – quite workable for years to come even if I don’t enlarge it. It won. So spent the day moving… again. Laughing here.
Ok, I’m done moving. Next thing on the agenda. Dancing. Met a professional dancer, a ballroom dancer no less, whose ex wife owns a dancing studio in Port Angeles. She is considering coming to Evergreen to not only give classes, but to provide regular dances.  She is a delight and we are working out the details as we speak, it may not happen while I’m here, but its a start.  And also learned we have quite a few musicians here within the park. So am gathering that info and we might get some live music going here as well.

And I found a local gym that does Zumba… this presents a problem, as I do not have a car. Do I want a car? To tow? Or not to tow…? Gosh, I don’t know.  Not going to deal with that yet. So no Zumba either.

But the car I rented – I have finally gotten a chance to go get lost. Its the best way for me to learn a new area – something I won’t do with my RV. There are some towns around here that a RV could not park, turn around or go down their streets. So a car is a must. Quaint little coastal towns! Love it. Lots of things to see and do… meeting some great people too.

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