Jumbled education

Spring is here!

Whew! I am so thankful this week is almost done.

The water issues, a seemingly ongoing project, is better understood. Most of this week, I have had water, a dribble, but water coming out of my faucets. That’s a huge improvement. One of the discoveries learned, I needed to replace all faucets in my rig. Once we got the water system primed, air removed extra, checked the water heater, etc… discovered gushing water out of the base of the faucets, but not out of the faucets – hence, I had to get new faucets. All kinds of screens, cartridges, hoses, etc were checked for clogs.  It was a mess.  I’m really hoping the replacement of the faucets will do the trick, but must wait and see. They are being replaced as I write this post.  Lots of swearing around the itty bitty bathroom faucet too. Smiling here.

In the midst of all this, I started having brown outs.  Just me, no one else. Freaky stuff, as my hardwired surge protector was telling me I had high readings of 132, then at one time had a scary low of 108. I don’t do electrical. I call for help. Twice on one morning, my surge protector cut the power off and the latter one on that day, just shut me down entirely. Woke me right up at 0436.  That day, asked to see if others had any problems. They came and checked the voltage for me on the pedestal – it read 123 whereas my surge protector was reading 130 then.  They scraped clean one of my prongs on my electrical cord that had some discoloration. The next morning I had another brown out. So called these guys back. These guys are part of the Lot Management here within the Escapees park. All volunteers. This time, they took the socket out of the pedestal and found one of the points corroded. They replaced that, checked all the wiring around it, replaced one wire that looked ok to me, but they felt it safer to replace it. Later that day, one of them came back with a couple of meters to ‘evaluate my surge protector’. They believe I have an overly sensitive protector and thought they could just adjust it. Well, that’s not going to happen, as there is nothing on the gauge to adjust.  I need to make a conference call to Progressive to see what should be done, if anything. Now trying to coordinate that is problematic this week.  But no more brown outs. Next week will tackle that call.

And in the midst of all this… my scheduled shipment from Alaska arrived in Seattle. A friend, Rob, rented a Budget truck, pallet lifter and went and picked up the shipment for me and brought it to my storage unit. I am so very thankful I had him helping me. Also, I was very impressed with what he managed to overcome in getting the pallets off the truck into the storage unit. So grateful, for his kind and generous help in doing this. Thank you again Rob, it is greatly appreciated.

And as I round out this week. The faucets have all been replaced – I got WATER FLOW! And no leaks!!! How exciting. Amazing what gets me excited these days.

And with me being giddy with joy, have found a sponsor in area so I can join the Elks Club – finally! Been trying to do this for the last 2 years. I had so hoped to have joined in Haines, but they had closed down two months before I got there. This here, will happen in April. Yeah!  The Elks club here has another feature that excites me. They do dance classes – all kinds of dances. Bring it on.  As for dancing, there is a couple here in Evergreen that does line dancing and the two step every week. Real avid dancers. There’s apparently another that does ballroom dancing. Have not met him or her yet. So finishing up all this responsible stuff, I want to go play. And play I will.

2 thoughts on “Jumbled education

  1. Glad you are settling in and hope things will improve. Nice that you were able to get the water fixed. I also have the Progressive EMS, so it would be interesting to hear what the solution is. Take care.


  2. Spent quite a bit of time on phone with Progressive today. Accessing the unit is tedious and I think will have to get someone else to take the step of bringing down the whole electrical control panel to access the surge protector to test what was asked of us by Progressive. Its in a tight location. In the meantime, they are sending me a new motherboard. But again, that person that installs it needs to take down the entire power panel to access. So will have to wait for all that to evolve. In the meantime, Progressive was very helpful guiding going thru the steps. This is warranty work too.


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