Me and Janie

Altho this picture was taken a year and a half ago, the grin on my face describes me best for right this very minute.  I’m done packing, its been hauled off to the Alaska Marine (barge) people and I have moved back into my rig.  Despite the cold, it was the best night of sleeping I’ve had in a long while. My bed was better then I remembered…  slept long and quite comfortably. Ah-h-h!

Managed to get moved out, apartment cleaned and inspected yesterday.  Plus spent some quality time with friends, went off to the a play last night.  The play was “Dancing at Lughnasa”. Lughnasa (pronounced LOO-ne-se), is a Gaelic festival marking the beginning of the harvest season, and celebrating Lugh, the god of music and light – of Donegal, Ireland.  A very nice productive day and a very nice play to attend. 
Today… is spent organizing, processing all the stuff in my rig. I’ve done a little of this each day, but nothing more is coming in, therefore now is to prep for travel.  Managed to get my rig de-winterized, altho there is no water available to test for leaks, etc. Discovered I forgot to turn on the propane, hence no heat last night…brrrrr.  I don’t run my little electric cube heater when asleep or away from the rig… so it was a challenge for the cats to acclimate to the colder temps. They found I would not budge from my electric mattress pad heater…. but they managed to keep me pinned to my spot in the bed.
The deal with the break-in, ere so called break-in into my rig. Despite being made fun of on the Lazy Daze list about Sasquatch, a raccoon, or some big burly guy attempting to break-in… I still find it a little too bizarre to have really happened – but did report to the police, etc.  As someone pointed out, my door may have been caught by the wind and slammed open, then slammed shut without me being aware of it. Which would torque the door, could bend the hinge…. I really don’t know. Via a tip from “bumper” on the mailing list, got a friend to pound on the door with a wedge of wood near the latch. It closed the gap enough, I no longer see daylight and its not near as drafty as it was. Which I am very thankful at the moment.
So… back to work, organizing my rig better. The excess baggage that I’m carrying to Washington is the stuff that I’m processing. It needs a safe secure spot to make the trip. Besides, my boys need places to run and play. Not really going to happen until I get it unloaded in Washington. Visitors keep stopping in, which gives nice breaks.  Its a beautiful sunny cold day… nary a wisp of wind to stir the bay. An amazing day.

2 thoughts on “Yippee!!!!

  1. Glad to hear that the door has been adjusted, and that you are making progress toward getting the rig road worthy for the trip south. I guess you have someone that will collect your shipment when it arrives in WA? Best of luck heading out as planned.


  2. Oh yes, had to have plans in place in WA before I shipped my goods via barge, as I had two different options to figure out. As it is, I have a friend who volunteered to pickup my goods in Seattle and will deliver/meet me at my storage unit to help me unload it. I may attempt to hire “Stuff Away”, a local group, to help unload. Nonetheless, the goods won't make it to Seattle until after I arrive there. So have a bit of breathing room to the whole deal. I am lucky to have found a heated storage unit.. a rarity in this area.


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