Seriously bummed

Tonight, I discovered my side door of my Lazy Daze RV is torqued badly, the hinge is bent, and the door itself is warped. Also, found crowbar marks near top of the door, which tore into the weather striping.

I thought I had broken the gasket/weather stripping in the sub zero temperatures we had, but this is far worst.  The only time I have been out of this rig, is this winter, here in Haines. 
Another observation, which will now have to be looked at more closely in the daylight hours. I noticed a ton of white paint sheets/sections that had come from the roof – down onto the windows on down to the ground. Was something taken, damaged on top of the rig?  I won’t know until I can get someone up there or get up there myself.
I’m moving into the rig this next week and it will be colder than normal with this problem. I may have to move into it sooner as I am re-loading it.
Am truly bummed by this.

4 thoughts on “Seriously bummed

  1. No, it's paint. Bird droppings don't have a chance with all the rain we've had this winter. Fortunately, I don't see any damage on my roof. I suspect the paint may be part of my original paint issues. Getting back to sub zero temps may be enough to lift the paint in some areas. I will let the Mothership figure this one out.


  2. Sorry to hear about your troubles with the RV. Hope you can find a fix. Some one other than the mothership replacing the door might make matching the color difficult. If you have a paint issue, I would think going to the factory necessary.


  3. I plan to take it to the mothership for the paint issues anyway, so hopefully that will be addressed then. The gap tho, needs to be fixed somehow. Bumper gave me a tip on the LD mailing list, which I will try before I move back into the rig on Wednesday. Its too cold not to act on that, and more sub zero is moving in before I leave here. Crazy weather!!!


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