Two weeks

Two weeks and counting.  Yes indeed, two weeks from today, I shall be boarding the ferry….

In the meantime, I am almost done packing what is to be shipped. Still organizing the rig and trying to see what else I can carry…  the weather has warmed to the mid 40’s and has rained since my last posting. All conducive to getting the job done and in a timely manner. Yippee!

While crossing all the t’s, dotting the i’s around town, I came across a vintage typewriter, of all things. In good working order, they are still using it, can still get ribbons of ink for it. I was so stunned to see it, I took a picture of it to post here.


With the crazy weather, its perfect to finish the last of the tasks required to ship household goods and get ready to leave.  Still hoping for more snow before I leave to go snowshoeing once again, but this week all is to be rain… next week, it won’t matter. I will be ready to play, party and enjoy spending time with my friends.

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