Just playing

Another successful morning selling things I had not planned to sell, but am glad they have found a new home, this includes 4 lamps, a bookcase, small 3 drawer chest, a small round table with glass top, 2 rugs and my trundle bed.

My friend Cheri and I decided to take advantage of the snow today… so went snowshoeing. What a blast!!!  We went out to Haines golf course… one of the flatter areas in this area (the beach is the other flat area). Still had to get up and over snow berms, but oh my was it beautiful out there. The silence was absolutely golden.  Her two corgi’s were “swimming” in the snow, but we couldn’t get them to break trail for us no matter how we tried.  They had a blast too.  So here are a couple of pictures of me – decked out in layers…

My new snowshoes

These snowshoes – bought via L.L. Bean, are the best ones I have tried. Wish I had spent the money to get them before or maybe I would have been snowshoeing more often. Its a no brainer hiking in these. Happy to have them.

Almost look like an eskimo

My snow pants are now too big… have a belt holding them up, but they still keep me dry and that is what’s important. My winter coat tho… by the end of the hike, was not the best coat to wear. Hmmm… need to think of another type. I got too hot. Not exactly wise to strip down out in this weather, but I was tempted.

Happy to be snowshoeing

All in all, a great day to go snowshoeing. Been waiting all winter to do this.  When we got back to town, I went and broke a new trail to my rig…. deep, deep snow.  Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow, but this is sure pretty today to go out for a hike. Happy, happy to be out hiking!

2 thoughts on “Just playing

  1. Wow, snowshoeing! Standard item essential for winter hiking. Haven't done that since I was a kid. Used to love going across the field and into the woods with just me and my dog. Great memories.


  2. Yes, today also made great memories. We had such a blast out there, can't wait to go again. You would have enjoyed today, even with Cheri's dogs. It was a challenge tho to move when they stood on the back of the snowshoes. Laughing here.


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