My freebie sale was successful. All but 2 small boxes of stuff is left. Impressive! There was no rush of people, but a steady line of people, despite the weather. Whew! Glad that’s done.

If you have been following my blog… you will note that I said if winter was going to show itself in Haines, it would wait until I was getting ready to leave.  Considering it has rain all winter so far, I knew Mother Nature was just waiting for this crucial timeframe.

Well… the hurricane forced winds finally settled down.  And a huge squadron of planes roared into Haines early yesterday morning during a quiet spell – as no mail, food, ferries or anything else has been able to reach us. The squadron of planes even impressed the locals.

Mid morning

Last night… it started snowing. The winds whipped the powder snow into a full blown blizzard, which has continued today. Egads is it ever gorgeous!  Its a treat for me, having not been around it for a few years out on the road. Its an even bigger treat – as I don’t have to dig myself out of it. I can sip my hot tea as I watch the heavy snow cover the landscape.  The temperatures have warmed up to 4ºF – yes, it feels quite warm considering the wind chill we have been dealing with.

The above picture was mid-morning and a whole lot more snow has fallen since that was taken. My footsteps disappear quickly in this. Note on the above picture – see all the windshield wipers sticking up? A classic example of Haines – almost everyone does this, as they don’t want them to freeze to the window. This snow is not particularly a problem, but if it continues to warm up, it will be ice and useless wipers if not left up like this.

Forecast… if one is to believe… it will be back into the 40’s by weeks end… and rain.  Well… may be that’s a good thing…  I won’t hold my breath just yet. Think I will go fix another cup of tea…

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