Murphy’s Law

Yesterday before the storm moved in

Not sure why Murphy likes to make an appearance in my life… does he think life is too easy for me, or am I too happy or something?  Folks wonder how I can be so darn flexible… its because Murphy keeps reminding me to not take anything for granted by setting up roadblocks – beautiful curve balls.

The night before my friend was to leave to head for Palmer – with all my boxes… she informed me that her old beater truck died last week – no mention of this until the night she was due to pick up the boxes. Not even sure if its fixable… plus a discovery all 4 tires on the inside of the tires – were in such bad shape, not one would have survived the trip. And they were only concerned about not having 4 wheel drive? Minor issue considering what they have since found out. This is so foreign to me… when one has a need for wheels under their feet – one takes care of that vehicle… you don’t ignore issues, you keep it running smooth as silk and you keep up on maintaining it – not waiting for things to happen.

So… instantly back to square one. How do I get the boxes back to Palmer? My friend Cheri offered up her van and herself, but her hubby, John, put the kibosh on that.  And.. trying to find someone that would be driving back… would be so iffy at this time of the year, its not even funny. So what to do…

Well, I am forced to pay shipping. Its going on the barge to Anchorage. A friend will pick it up in Anchorage and haul it out to Palmer, a wee bit cheaper then paying a shipper to get it to Palmer.  I am seriously bummed that I have this added expense. It was one thing to pay the gas for my friend to take it, its another thing to move it via barge.  Now am awaiting the address to where its to be shipped.  For those in the lower 48 with cheap gas prices, trust me – the prices in Alaska are still well above $3, some places still over $4/gallon. But it would have been cheaper to pay the gas then ship it.

And now… winter has arrived.  Its been snowing all days… beautiful as can be, but it has put a halt to my re-loading my rig.  Knew this would happen… just knew it.

Murphy – go away!!!

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