A bridge near Palmer

The above photo was taken years ago by Susan Stevenson, a photographer from North Pole, AK, who was visiting. It was taken in early Spring just as the sun was coming up over the mountains. That use to be the old road out of Palmer, long since been replaced by a modern road.  But I love this old bridge that crosses the Matanuska River.  

The critical deadline is rapidly approaching and that deadline is Tuesday. Minus one set of microfilm boxes that remain elusive, everything else is packed and ready to head to Palmer. Yippee!  Once all this is out of the apartment… it will be a big sigh of relief…
I am now re-focusing on the immediate task at hand. Still going paperless. Packing. Packing the remaining stuff in the apartment and packing the rig.  I have taken advantage of the brief dry spells we get in the weather to haul stuff out to the rig.  Will soon need, to get out there, to process it. That is set up the rig. Dumping stuff on the kitchen table does not qualify as setting up the rig.  Laughing here.  
February is a short month.  The reality of that did not set in until last night, when talking to friends. My friends are returning to Haines February 24th… as our conversation closed they said “see you in 3 weeks!”  Three weeks??? Minor panic attack, then looked at calendar and its more like a month. Whew!  What is this mindset of weeks vs a month?  Actually, everything is running smoothly and I do still get out for Zumba and the Stretch/Toning – both twice a week, plus go visit with my friends.  So its not like I’m all work and no play.  So it could be weeks – as I will be long done by the time my friends come back to town.  

2 thoughts on “Packing

  1. Well… first the trip south on the ferry, as I don't do winter roads in AK or British Columbia in my RV. Then yes.. am hitting the road. I need some serious down time, a hibernation of sorts. Perhaps a trip to the Oregon coast is in order. Love the pounding of the surf – it calms my soul. But no real plans at the moment.


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