Enough already…

A spot of color

It is January in the north country and its raining, again.  Enough already!  Well, I am tired of this non-winter winter.  The locals said they’ve never seen a snowless winter. Ha!

So I am setting things in motion, therefore changes are happening. I will have a better idea after this coming Saturday but may cancel this next sale for starters. The gal that has been helping all these months is going to sell the rest of this when Spring or Summer arrives – when all the snowbirds come back to town. And I will get to leave early. I am now projecting end of February.
The amount left to sell – that may not be as much as I thought it would be. Yesterday, I sold 2 bar chairs, an end table, a small dresser, my canister set, the Depression glassware I had, a large lamp and 2 small lamps. That is the last of the furniture. Woo hoo!!!
So now am concentrating on fine-tuning the mess, re-loading the rig..  stay tuned.

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