Tis the season…

A Merry Christmas to one and all!
From warm Haines, Alaska
My first garage sale was a success, but could have been better from what I was told, as many did not hear about it.  The next happens tomorrow.  I found a ton of quilting supplies, templates, fabric in a trunk, plus a ton of counted cross-stitch stuff – long forgotten by me.  All will find a new home soon, I hope. Today, I sold to one of my neighbors – my Mom’s bedside table. Unexpected treat.
Since the major part of the unpacking is done, I’ve been getting restless. The itch to move on and get back on the road has been really strong.  What to do?  Well, Melinda has grown two left feet and one very uncoordinated body… laughing here… I’ve started doing Zumba.  Have you tried it?  They tell me I will get the routine down after 2-3 visits, right now I’m just a foolish woman. Still laughing here.  But I think I will really like it.  I’m starting out with just two days a week, but its available 5 days a week around here, actually 6 if one counts the toning one (they use weights).  One session has cured the itch to move on for the moment.
As it is, I had promised my RV friends I would be back out in January. Well… I don’t think that will happen.  So won’t make it to Quartzside for sure.  Darn, would love to see everyone once again, but maybe next year.  Morro Bay is still a possibility, but the selling of stuff has got to pick up significantly for that to happen. Time will tell on that.  Sounds like Morro Bay will be a huge event this time around, may be too big for me. Heck, it even sounds too big for Larry & Renee. Hope they get alot of help.
Winter is evading Haines… we have had mostly rain, that freezes at night, so everything is icy in morning, then it rains again.  I am learning how to walk on studs, that is studs/cleats for my boots. They don’t like open grid stairways or ramps – a challenge I haven’t figured out yet, so I take them on and off, frequently when I go out.  But it sure makes walking on ice so much simpler.
With no winter, it has made treks to my RV a breeze. So I have been concentrating on re-loading it, especially now that I’ve unpacked all the boxes. Can’t put liquids or food out yet, but the whole process is running smoothly. Have been surprised that the Damp-rid I have hanging in my rig to keep the moisture level down, haven’t frozen. The rig does very well in these temps, especially with no heat source going.
So on this note… Have a Merry Christmas, if I don’t get back on here before then.

2 thoughts on “Tis the season…

  1. Keep at it, and eventually all the stuff will be gone. Cross fingers-knock on wood. Walking on ice does not sound like fun to me. Sorry to hear you won't make it to the Q. Hope you can keep the momentum going. Have a great holiday.


  2. Thanks! And thanks for the encouragement to stick it out. I managed today to again put my mind to task… friends here kind of pounded into my head to see how far I've already come. Now is not the time to go play, need to finish task at hand… remind me in the new year tho. 😉 Haines is a coastal town, should be buried in deep snow by now. Alas it does not look promising for a white Christmas. Hope you have a great holiday too…wherever you are hanging your hat for the holidays.


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