The Sale Begins…

The mass amount of boxes that faced me when I arrived in Haines less than 2 months ago, are all unpacked.  The first of many sales starts tomorrow… wow!  Here are some pictures of this Saturday’s sale.  The 4th side not shown have boxes of weaving books and journals and winter coats.

Old bottles, corks, etc.

Variety of linens, pillows, etc.

Boyd’s bears galore and other goods

The original idea was to just rid myself of things I did not want. But as this process has evolved, everything is going minus few basic categories.  The rest is going bye-bye.  It occurred to me, if I would start anew I would most likely want something different.  Interesting enough, it just became easier to do this, let it go.  Let someone else enjoy these things. The family is NOT interested, so let friends have or its being sold.  I’m rather impressed with all that has sold so far.  What I did not anticipate is that the Haines folks don’t have access to goods like this – so this is like Christmas to them…  more power to them. Glad I can add something different.

The next two images, first being the kitchen… as you can see is still overflowing… into the living room of the second image.  All for future sales.  Its happening.  Finally can see the counter space, which has only been seen since Monday of this week. Its been a challenge to fix or cook anything since I’ve been here.  

Kitchen area to be processed
Yet to process

4 thoughts on “The Sale Begins…

  1. I applaud you! We only travel in our RV about 4 months a year, so have a house, but I am getting rid of “stuff”. Can't get the kids interested in any of this “stuff” so planning to just sell it all. Most of it was bought in my antiquing days and for a much larger house. Now I am going more modern and sleek. It feels so good to get rid of the clutter. Keep at it!


  2. Thanks! Years ago, my parents gave us kids a deadline to get our “stuff” out of their house. I got it done, but my brother did not. He didn't believe that they'd really get rid of it. He was wrong. I think it would be more challenging to rid my house of stuff vs doing it my present way. And…Having a helper that is not tied emotionally to everything is a big help!!! Take the leap to rid yourself beyond the clutter – its liberating…


  3. Thanks! I've come a long ways since October 9th – selling the larger items piece by piece has worked. The little stuff…Perhaps not as quickly as I had hoped, but its still happening. There is a thrift store and a consignment store in town. The latter charges 35% commission (ridiculous, but true) to sell. I'm not planning on using either until near the end. By the time I'm fed up selling, I may haul it off to Juneau which has a Salvation Army and other avenues to unload stuff. I'm not making a killing on anything, but am happy with the results so far. I could wait until Spring when the summer folks return to town to sell the rest. My problem right now, I really miss being out on the road… its a struggle to remain focus.. but will stick this out and be done with it once and for all.


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