And all that jazz..

Not talking music folks, altho I have been listening to quality music on Pandora One these last few weeks.  I’m jazzed by all that is going good in my life right now..

Where to start.  I’ve been selling stuff right and left. One of those buyers volunteered to come in and help me unpack boxes and folks this super woman, as I like to call her… well its amazing how far I have come in this process with her help.  All boxes are now gone to the recycle center.  All boxes.  Its shocking.  She loves to do this kind of thing and she did not want to be paid. Not paid, are you sure, I asked? She just grinned at me.  We can talk and laugh all day and work. Its truly been fun.  So I set up a bartering system with her. She’s getting married in July and setting up their log home to be a B&B.  Love to barter, so its been a win-win situation for both of us.  I can’t believe how lucky to have found her.  A good friend from here forward.

In my apartment, I am able to close off to the rest of the apartment from this one bedroom which has access to outside. We have transformed this space.  Its now contains only sale items. And the sale starts Saturday. I am so jazzed that this is happening now. The word has spread in town already. Those that have bought stuff already, have been calling.  But I will only do 2 hours every Saturday. Time will tell how it will all pan out, but I’m excited. Its starts this Saturday.

Our first snow – today!

Thanksgiving came and went…  had a blast on turkey day.  I joined the “strays” gathering.  Strays in that anyone that did not have a place to go for Thanksgiving was included. All walks of life came. The place was packed. A handful of folks had just arrived on the ferry, half the medical clinic showed up who worked that day, to folks like me.  It was fascinating to say the least. Great conversations and the potluck of food – gads it was amazing.  Besides turkey and all the trimmings, I had the fabulous chance to eat some red salmon that had been stuffed with blueberries. Oh my goodness! It was outstanding!  Lucky for all of us, we eventually remember each others names, as they continuously kept repeating who was there with each newcomer.  Fun day was had by all.

My dear friend, Cheri, on her trip south to see her father in AZ, stopped in at Chimacum at the Escapees RV park to retrieve my hiking poles from my shed. Didn’t think about needing them to snowshoe, so now we just need snow. This winter is forecasted to be warmer than normal and wetter than normal. So what in the heck will that mean, I don’t know.  Today tho, its finally snowed.  This is nothing, but it sure is nice to see. And its still snowing as I write this.

Life is good.

4 thoughts on “And all that jazz..

  1. I'm delighted to hear of your first batch of vanilla. Be sure and set aside an extra bottle for yourself – other words don't do as Melinda does, who seems to give away her own bottle to appease others. Laughing here. Merry Christmas Ed & Carol. See you down the road.


  2. Oh she has been incredible! Feel real lucky to have her help. I would have eventually made it to this point, but this has moved it along so much faster. So far I'm so productive its almost scary. Laughing here. Merry Christmas to you!


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