Around town

Yesterday, made a major dent in my boxes, emptied several and moved more off the stacks down to a workable level for the next day I tackle this.  Crazy how they packed me out and so far nothing is broken.  But gads my muscles are screaming today… so no work today.

Santa mountain behind Health clinic

Had an appointment with my accountant today due to IRS mailing that scared the sh_t out of me….. so it got me out of the apartment. Good thing, it was gorgeous outside!!! 41ºF felt like 50’s with all that sunshine. Or am I just re-acclimated? A bit of both, I think. I only had a sweatshirt, jeans, Muck boots, and a raincoat on.  Being carless has many attributes that I’m growing fond of.  In my younger adult life, I was an avid hiker, backpacker, rock climber… lots was side-lined with surgeries, travel, and life in general but the simple truth – I got away from it.

Today brought it back full circle for me.  As sore as I was from yesterday’s unpacking, the trek up and down hills here in Haines was refreshing, delightful and most definitely energizing.  I don’t tolerate heat / humidity anymore, but this kind of weather was perfect to be out and about on foot.  Where I’m located, I am within walking distance of everything – to the harbor, post office, downtown, grocery stores, etc.  So walking is what I’ve been doing, mostly in the rain, but today was an exception I enjoyed. Think I will make this a habit… once again.

Looking down alley way to harbor
Looking west toward town, incoming storm

I was talking with friends up in my old neck of the woods – up in Matanuska Valley, near Palmer, Alaska. They have had very little snow, altho it has gotten cold for them. My friend Connie said it was down to 18º when I had called. Interesting enough, or at least to me anyway, Haines has not had a hard freeze yet. Oh its gotten down into the low 30’s a few times and the present daytime temps aren’t changing much. Where’s winter? 

And with the change of the daylight savings… our evenings viewing the aurora is improving greatly – that is when its not raining. Patience Melinda… all in due time.

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