Since my last post and Indian summer photos, it has been tough to find a day to take any photos… outside, that is.  I’m taking lots of photos, inside as I prep to post ads to sell stuff.  I’m getting into the hang of this… so moving along. I had to move my RV a bit, to make room for dumping of snow. Its been snowing for two days off and on, but nothing is sticking. A good thing, as I still haven’t found my winter coat.

This next week, hoping the weather clears a bit… its the Eagles Festival here in Haines. Some 3000-4000 eagles arrive about this time of the year.  I’ve always wanted to be in Haines for this, so am really looking forward to it.  The eagles come every year to feast on the last of the decaying salmon… I’ve been around tens of tens, and I think even a hundred of eagles at one time, but can’t quite wrap my brain around thousands.. so it should be interesting.
Alaskans get Permanent Dividend checks in October each year. It can be as little as $300 per person up to $3000, one never knows.  All from oil dividends. Well… back in 2012, I must have miss marked a crucial piece on the application – as they claim I need to prove I was in State in 2012.  Did I know I needed to prove this in 2012 – hell no.  Not until October of 2013.  Legal court records, lawyers visits, changing of addresses for DMV & Voting, groceries lists, bills, gas bills, buying propane, changing addresses from Palmer to Haines, etc, etc, etc, is not enough proof that I was still a resident????  I’ve been trying now for 2012, 2013 and 2014.  Being turned down once again – to hell with them.  $1800 would have been nice to get this month, but apparently I need a lawyer to verify my proof is indeed proof of my residency and I can’t afford a lawyer for this.  I’m not going to attempt it now. Its just not worth it. All these years and I am ousted off the rolls, so be it.  So yesterday, I learned that a few others have or are dealing with similar issues for similar slips.  A slip of the pen and you are out.  I’m delighted to hear they are finally cracking down on those criminally minded folks – but its frustrating for those of us legit people. An omen to move on? Perhaps.
Well, I did not get much done yesterday, except get ads posted. Today, I have been swamped with calls. Out of the variety of things posted, 2 are spoken for, one went early today and got inquiries on the rest.  So tonight before I hit the sack – another box will be unpacked, sorted out and dispensed with, photos taken and hopefully get some research done on how to price things.  Today was my first serious attempt to start selling things.  Not knowing how to price things, I’ve been doing my research. A little bit of guessing is in order.

2 thoughts on “Haines

  1. Winters in Alaska are beyond awesome – I will take an Alaskan winter hands down over anywhere else. It will be a different type of winter in Haines tho, from what I've been use to. They experience more ice then what I've experienced. But tons of the white stuff… don't want to jinx that by saying what the white stuff is just yet. Looking forward to seeing all those eagles… folks come from all over the area, from Canada, etc to see the eagles.


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